Petronas embarked on a transformative journey successful Azure SAP environment build.

Petronas partnered with ProServeIT to begin their journey towards building a successful Azure Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) environment. They have made significant progress in their Microsoft 365 strategy and are now reaping the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

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Azure SAP Environment Build



Customer Challenge: Advancing Sustainable Growth Through Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

Petronas produces and delivers energy and solutions that power society’s progress in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

Petronas' expansion necessitated growth of their limited server and client infrastructure. They operated with on-premises servers, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), and on-premises backups and disaster recovery. They were also interested in leveraging a variety of essential data analytics services/tools for their business. 

Having previously engaged the ProServeIT team successfully for multiple initiatives, including the development of their Microsoft 365 strategy, Petronas turned to ProServeIT again for assistance with their foundational SAP infrastructure in their Microsoft Azure Tenant. 

The Solution: Establishing a Robust Azure SAP Environment

The ProServeIT team assessed Petronas' current status and customized an Azure-based environment according to their SAP requirements. This included: 

Phase 1. SAP Development Environment 

 •   Built Azure development environment, including virtual machines (VMs), storage, and Azure backup 
 •  Provided Azure infrastructure support   
 •  Created as built documentation for the development environment 

Phase 2. SAP Quality Assurance and Production Environments 

 •  Development of Azure QA and production environments, including VMs, storage, and Azure backup 
 •  Updated documentation for the new environments 

An Azure foundation infrastructure architecture was put in place (aligned with industry best practices and a well-architected framework). A well-governed Azure subscription was built and connected to the organization’s existing data center. Landing zones were also built with all the required governance policies. ProServeIT helped Petronas to apply security compliance policies that govern how resources in Azure are created (i.e., where and who can do what). ProServeIT also set up online offsite backups for different on-premises workloads and set up redundancy for other on-premises workloads. 




The Impact: Amplifying Core Business Goals Through Secure and Scalable Infrastructure

With a successful Azure build, Petronas can now focus on its core business goals, confident in the security and scalability of its core infrastructure. 

After working with ProServeIT’s technical team for the past two years, Petronas is planning to continue leveraging the Microsoft Azure technology stack. Future collaborations with ProServeIT include projects such as data lakehouse, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and Microsoft Sentinel with ProServeIT’s Alarm Guardian solution.

Project Highlights: Enhanced security & increased scalability

Partner with ProServeIT for your Azure needs. 

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