Office 365 is now Microsoft 365!

Microsoft 365 merges the collaboration capabilities of Office 365, the ease and convenience of Windows 10 OS, and the security of Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) into one license. This provides additional security and device management and better access control so that you can manage who is able to access your corporate data, and how. Explore the components that make up Microsoft 365 in greater detail below, and learn what you need to do if you're already using Office 365.

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What if I already have Office 365?

If you're currently using Office 365, you may have already noticed that your Office 365 subscription has automatically been renamed to Microsoft 365 across your Admin Portal and monthly billing statements. There's no further action on your part to make the switch to Microsoft 365. 

Need help exploring Microsoft 365 in greater detail? Give us a shout - we're happy to help!

Office 365: Productivity Simplified

Office 365 is a set of Cloud-based applications that offer scalability and cost-savings for your organization, and includes familiar applications, like Word, Excel, OneNote, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange. Office 365 helps improve collaboration and productivity among your end-users, and its integration capabilities can provide additional efficiency and help you make better data-driven decisions. 

Windows 10: Operating Systems Simplified

Windows 10 is a secure Microsoft operating system that provides your organization with simplified updates, flexible device management, and intelligent security. One of the biggest benefits of Windows 10 is its automatic and scheduled updates, meaning that costly, time-consuming migrations are a thing of the past, and your IT department can focus their attention on more strategic initiatives. Learn more benefits and see how Windows 10.

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS): Protection Simplified

Microsoft EMS is an intelligent mobility management and security platform that protects and secures your organization, while empowering your employees to be more flexible in their work. EMS uses identity and access management, information protection, threat protection, and Cloud security to ensure you stay secure and productive no matter where you are or what device you're on.


Choose the right business applications for your organization

Microsoft 365 provides you with 41 useful business applications and services, like Microsoft Teams, OneNote, and SharePoint already built-in to the platform. These business applications can be easily integrated with each other to improve efficiency and productivity, and help organizations make true data-driven decisions. 

Get your Microsoft 365 licenses today by referring to our chart below and selecting the plan that works for your unique needs. Do you work for a nonprofit organization? Click here for details. 

For organizations with 50 - 299 employees

Microsoft 365
Business Basic

$5.00 US/$6.40 CAD 

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 
Microsoft 365
Business Standard

$12.50 US/$16.00 CAD

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 

Try Free 1 Month 

Microsoft 365
Business Premium

$20.00 US/$25.60 CAD

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 

Try Free 1 Month 

For organizations with 300+ employees

Microsoft 365 E3

$32.00 US/$42.60 CAD 

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 
Microsoft 365 E5

$57.00 US/$73.00 CAD

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 
Microsoft 365 F3
For Frontline Workers

$10.00 US/$12.00 CAD

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 

Download details to see what apps are included in each license plan. Nonprofits can download their pricing here.

Empower your Nonprofit Organization with ProServeIt and Microsoft 365

If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 license yet, download Microsoft Licensing Plans and Prices for Nonprofits will help you determine which license is the best fit for your nonprofit organization’s needs. 

Thinking of Moving from G-Suite to Microsoft 365?

Check out these stories below of customers who made the move from G-Suite to Office 365. 


Aldo Group: Migrated for Cost Savings & Global Collaboration Capabilities.

organizationRetail    user2,200  

Aldo Group was looking for assistance to switch from Google Suite (G Suite) to Office 365 to improve global collaboration and ensure cost savings.  

  • Supported Enterprise-Wide Solution: Aldo Group required an enterprise-wide solution that would be supported for all global locations. Office 365 is recognized as a business solution in all countries where Aldo Group operates.  

  • Cost Savings: Switching from G Suite to Office 365 provided Aldo with significant cost-savings. They were able to take full advantage of the Office 365 licenses they already had purchased, and stop paying for two separate solutions.  

  • Confidence in Migration: Due to the license renewal schedule, Aldo Group required a shortened timetable for migration. Given ProServeIT has experiences in G Suite to Office 365 migration, Aldo Group chose to work with ProServeIT's team with confidence that their migration would be fully supported and delivered on time. 

Goodlife Fitness: Rapid Migration Requirements

organization300 locations  

ProServeIT helped Goodlife Fitness migrated 15,000 users to Office 365 in only 16 weeks!

“ProServeIT worked seamlessly with our own IT department and the FastTrack Center. Together, we deployed the necessary infrastructure to move from a mixed Exchange and Google Apps environment to a common platform with Office 365.

We did this against an aggressive migration schedule during one of our busiest sales periods. There has been great feedback since the project completed, and we saw swift adoption by our users.”

goodlife400x400Mike Marsman, Director of Technology at GoodLife Fitness


Boost Your Productivity and Reduce Your IT Costs.

A Microsoft 365 migration lets you take full advantage of the platform and get the most out of your investment. Here are some of the benefits your entire team can enjoy: 


Go Mobile & Work from Anywhere

Microsoft 365 makes it possible to review, edit, analyze, and present documents, with a consistent user experience from laptop, desktop, or mobile devices.  

Collaboration Made Easy  

Real-time co-authoring in SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and Teams makes it possible for organizations to edit documents in real-time: no more "Version 1, Version 2, or Final Version 5.5"! 

Know Your Data is Safe 

Microsoft 365's built-in safeguard and privacy features scan incoming and outgoing content for sophisticated attacks, unsafe attachments, malicious links, and more.    

Reduce IT Costs Through Scalability 

Microsoft 365 gives organizations the ability to implement a steady rollout so that your team can adapt to new streamlined solutions at your own pace.  

Simplify Your Life 

An integrated solutions decreases the cost, holes in security, and limited scalability that comes with using fragmented and stand-alone applications.  

Simply put, a Microsoft 365 migration allows you to focus on how your business will flourish in a Cloud-based platform. 

Explore More

Ready to explore some of the most popular Office 365 applications? Here's what ProServeIT recommends!   

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Cloud-based platform that provides your organization with the ability to manage your content, track processes, collaborate internally, manage business activities, and publish vitally important information. 

Depositphotos_383414908_xl-2015 (2)

Microsoft Teams

is your hub for teamwork, communication, and collaboration, and gives you the platform you need to manage all your files, conversations, and tools in one convenient team workspace. 

Depositphotos_232265338_xl-2015 (1)

Power BI

Provides compelling interactive visualizations, seamless links to external data sources, interactive dashboards, automated report generation, and extensive data set support from third-party providers.

Your Office 365 Migration Service Partner

ProServeIT, as a multi-award winning Microsoft Gold Partner, is your expert in Office 365 migration and we can make your move to the Cloud seamless with little to no downtime. We have migrated over 200,000 users to the Cloud. We have worked with small businesses to enterprises in all industries in Canada. Let’s chat to see how Office 365 can boost your organization’s productivity!