Utilized a Microsoft solution that automated the retrieval of data from their on-premise factory floor systems into an existing data warehouse,

then tie that data into an easy-to-use software solution that would provide them with real-time reporting capabilities.

organization Manufacturing    user  2000 employees

Business Challenge

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Manual reporting processes

The manufacturer was fed up with the manual reporting processes they had in place – they were doing a lot of copy-paste from files into Excel, and then manually modifying stuff in Excel. 

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 Stale data

The process of pulling their reports together took so long that the company was working off stale data, and decisions were being made that were incorrect.

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Move all reporting into Power BI

The company was looking to fulfill a mandate to move all reporting into Power BI, but they lacked internal resource bandwidth & skill sets to automate these processes.


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Set up the appropriate channels

ProServeIT determined where the data was being stored, then helped the company to set up the appropriate channels to pull that data into Power BI.

Built out Power BI reporting

ProServeIT then built out the requisite Power BI reporting, which now allows the company to easily view data like shipping lines, customer orders, inventory on hand, and much more.

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