No digital transformation journey is complete without a solid adoption plan and effective end-user support.

See how exceptional technology adoption rates can be achieved.





Make the change easier for your end-users

Successful technology change management equals a higher adoption rate. But, a lower than expected technology adoption rate is a common business challenge experienced by many. Microsoft Teams has been implemented by over 500,000 organizations and it can be deployed quickly and securely when done right. 

Modern Workplace Discovery & Assessment

Price: $7,000

For those organizations who rapidly implemented Teams and are experiencing low adoption, a  3-day Modern Workplace Discovery & Assessment is the quickest way to help your people fully utilize it to increase their productivity and your ROI on IT spend.  


Understand how Teams can be better utilized within your organization. 


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Receive best practices and advice regarding change management and governance of your Teams environment.



Receive 1-on-1 support and knowledge transfer.





Case Study

Teams Governance Workshop

planet-W Canada        organization-w Corporation     employees 1700 employees


The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides a comprehensive database of information for more than 5 million properties in Ontario. Through a Teams Governance Workshop, they were able to understand how their employees could collaborate and share information more effectively utilizing Microsoft Teams.

The Workshop showed MPAC several ways that they could accelerate their digital transformation by aligning their business opportunities and challenges with the capabilities of Teams.  






Provide your people with the support they want and need

The more you digitize your business, the more need there is for real-time support for your people to ensure the ROI and productivity you're looking for.  Many organizations choose to outsource their IT service desk to provide high-quality, real-time, 24/7/365 end-user support in the most cost-efficient way. 

step 1Support Services Essentials 

includes support on password reset, Microsoft Office suite, email, software/hardware, and more. 

step3Support Services Advanced 

includes Support Services Essentials plus support on remote desktop , business process, custom 3rd party application support, and more.

Get Your Users Excited about the New Technology

WIIFM - i.e. What's in it for me? - is the key to getting your people excited about the technology you're adopting. If the new technology that you're implementing can dramatically reduce the amount of manual work that your employees want to avoid at all costs, they should be jumping for joy that you're providing a solution that helps! 

Some of the manual processes on top of the "automation wish list" for many organizations include vacation time approval, new employee onboarding activities, and recording sick days. Not only can these be automated, but by integrating them with Microsoft Teams, it makes it even easier for your people to use! Automation can be done efficiently, with little time and financial commitment. In fact, automation of one manual process can be done within a day. 





Customer Story - Automation of the On-Boarding Process

With this automation in place, HAVI's processing time for new employees has been significantly reduced. What used to take 5+ hours now takes approximately 40 minutes. The automated coordination ensures that each new employee has exactly what they need on their first day of work. Read more about HAVI's story.

What is the true cost of low user adoption?

To calculate the true cost of low technology adoption, take into account three significantly important factors: 

Employees will choose to implement their own shortcuts to make their jobs easier.

low engagement

Improper technology implementation means a drop in productivity and less engaged employees. 


These lead to higher employee turnover and cybersecurity breach incidents.

1-Day Teams Workshop

Price: $2,500

Starting a journey of any technology deployment and implementation with a solid plan that includes a comprehensive deployment guide and user training plan is a smart way to ensure higher user adoption and successful change management.  

For those who would like to deploy Microsoft teams quickly and securely and ensure a successful adoption, start with the 1-day Teams Workshop. 


What you get from the workshop

decktop Evaluate your remote work options and business implications in one workshop. 


optimization Receive a deployment guidance report including a checklist and installation guide.


plan Get additional resources such as adoption kit, potential challenges, and comprehensive technical guide.





Technology change management checklist

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Create a communication and adoption plan for any change and digital transformation.
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Determine the impact of the solution on your end-users' workloads. 

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Involve your end-users early and open dialogue to ensure that the new solution meets their needs. 

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Plan proper governance. Without it, everyone will make their own rules and your new digital environment will quickly become chaotic. 

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Have a plan for proper end-user support. If your in-house resources are not sufficient short-term and/or long-term, consider outsourcing. 

Additional Resources

Check out these blogs for more information on addressing change management in your organization, then book a call with us and let's get started achieving the results you need and the ROI you're looking for! 


Solid Technology Framework Means IT As a Business Enabler

Artboard 8_5


Cybersecurity should be the foundation of any digital transformation journey. Just the way a house needs a solid foundation, your business's technology framework should have a solid cybersecurity practice and plan.
Artboard 8_4

Business Apps

SMBs tend to use 10+ business applications and large corporations can use 100+ business applications. Are any of your business applications serving similar purposes? Are your business applications integrated with each other?
Artboard 8_3


Your infrastructure, such as networks and servers, should be able to fully support your organization, whether it's on-premise, Cloud-based, or a hybrid approach. Cost-efficiency, reliability, and scalability are some of the keywords to keep in mind.
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Insights & Automation

There is so much data available to organizations that gathering insights and making data-driven decisions is high on many C-level minds. Those who can efficiently work with their data and optimize their workforce by enabling automation will be the winners.
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Choose the right productivity tools that support your employees no matter where they work and what devices they work with. The right tools are the ones that can be fully integrated and bring a long-term ROI.