RioCan: Azure Integration for Enhanced Security & Cost-Efficiency

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RioCan acquires real estate and builds new developments. Already using Office 365, RioCan wanted to leverage Azure to improve security and cut IT costs.

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Business Challenge

With its positive experiences with Office 365, RioCan wanted to further leverage a cost-effective, scalable, and secure Cloud platform. To do so, the company turned its attention to Azure and decided to create a basic replica domain controller (DC) in an Azure virtual machine (VM). RioCan wanted this project to provide its IT staff with valuable experience and training with the Azure platform.


An Azure tenant was created to provide a host for a replica DC in an Azure VM. Active Directory (AD) was also extended to Azure. A SQL VM was built as a test environment. 

• Improved Security: The Azure environment extended advanced security to RioCan’s AD environment.

• Reduced Cost: Azure provided a low-cost platform for VMs, particularly for the test SQL server. Future servers will not have to be implemented as physical machines.

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