Siskinds LLC: Azure Active Directory

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Siskinds LLP is a Canadian law firm based in London, Ontario. Already using Office 365, the firm wanted to integrate single sign-on more directly by leveraging Azure AD services.

Azure migration

Business Challenge

Siskinds had been using an on-premises ADFS configuration to achieve single sign-on for its Office 365 and on-premises users. Siskinds was seeking a solution that could bring the cost savings and benefits of removing on-premises servers running unreliable services and provide seamless centralized access to company-wide IT resources.
cloud migration


• SSO success: the company benefits from a more secure authentication solution.

• Improved access: employees now have seamless, centralized access to company-wide IT resources.

• Cost savings: company enjoys benefits of removing on-premises (no need to maintain aging hardware on a regular basis).

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