Turn Your Organization’s Data Into Valuable Business Intelligence

Is your organization looking to make the most of your data? Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that can help you turn your data into valuable intelligence and insights that can help your executive team make better business decisions. With Power BI, you can visualize and analyze your organization's data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. 

There are a few ways to take advantage of Power BI - this licensing guide will help.

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Tap into real-time data to make data-based decisions.

A Business Intelligence (BI) tool, like Power BI, provides your organization with an opportunity to deepen your data insights, so that you can bridge the gap between the decisions you need to make, and the data you have available to make them. By tapping into the capabilities of Power BI, your organization will have access to real-time data to make all your business decisions. 

Get rid of manual reporting processes & gain confidence in your data.

For your organization to succeed in today's landscape, you need to be able to make smart, data-based decisions. However, manual reporting processes, like Excel, can be time-consuming and cumbersome, and using manual-based processes can put your organization at the mercy of outdated or stale data. 

This demo-based video illustrates the capabilities of Power BI, compared to manual reporting processes via Excel. 



Real-time data insights transformed into campaign effectiveness.

Power BI also allows your sales and marketing teams the opportunity to create and manage campaigns, with dashboards to provide them with real-time reporting so that they can ensure those campaigns are being effective and reaching your organization’s target audience.

Cost-effective & confidential reporting for external vendors.

businessTransportation    user 500 + employees
Key Benefits: 

brand Proper authentication and access control at the supplier level.

design Embedded the organization's Power BI content into the website.

integration-1 This allowed the company to grant access to any vendors who had login credentials and achieved the organization's goal of sharing data with their partners and suppliers.




Business Intelligence Workshop 

Price: $4,000 

If your organization is exploring how to make the most of business intelligence, aBusiness Intelligence Workshopis a starting point for your continuous BI journey and takes the guesswork out of Business Intelligence. Know how your applications are integrated with Power BI to maintain data hygiene, how you can gather and present your data efficiently, and the next steps you want to take to continue to utilize your data to make true data-driven business decisions.   







Learn best practices & industry standards around Business Intelligence and how you can use BI to your benefit in your organization. 


Review data sources with data experts to solidify which KPIs and metrics you want to report on & explore Business Intelligence reporting possibilities and capabilities.


Explore Business Intelligence reporting possibilities and capabilities for your organization - we call it a "Magic Show". 

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Cloud-based platform that provides your organization with the ability to manage your content, track processes, collaborate internally, manage business activities, and publish vitally important information. 
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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork, communication, and collaboration, and gives you the platform you need to manage all your files, conversations, and tools in one convenient team workspace. 

eBook: Safe Computing Best Practices for End-Users

With inboxes being the first point of entry, providing end-users with safe computing best practices significantly reduces the risks of a potential cyber-breach. This free eBook includes practical tips that can be applied immediately to protect your organization from harm.  

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