Unlocking Your Digital Transformation

The first step with your digital transformation is evaluating how everything fits together to ensure that your business, people, processes, and technology can integrate seamlessly with one another. 

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#1. Your Blueprint to Success Lies in Digital Transformation

Before you begin building, you need to lay out your vision for your house into an easy-to-follow blueprint. At ProServeIT, our 'blueprint' is our IT Roadmap, where we show organizations how to evaluate their business goals and objectives and ensure that their technology will support what they are envisioning for themselves.  














IT Roadmap 

Understand the most efficient ways to leverage IT as a critical business advantage. 

This advisory engagement helps your management team by reviewing and measuring two aspects of your business (your business needs and your IT capabilities), performing a gap analysis, and providing recommendations to close the gap between the two.  








#2. The Foundation:

Without a solid foundation, a structurally sound house is impossible. It's the same when building your organization's digital transformation - you need something solid to build on. That something solid is your cybersecurity posture.  

Mailbox Guardian

The entry point that hackers will target to get into your organization's IT environment is your inboxes. Phishing scams and ransomware attacks are often sent via email, and an unsuspecting click is all it takes to spell disaster. Mailbox Guardian, designed for organizations with Microsoft 365 licensing and Exchange Online, provides organizations with a Secure Score, a list of recommendations to follow, and implementation of IT security tools that will protect your mailboxes, and increase your overall security posture.  

#3. Your Main Floor: Better Productivity, Better Revenue

Choosing the right productivity tools that support your employees, no matter where they work or what devices they work with, is the best way to bring about long-term ROI. 


SharePoint-in-a-Day Workshop

If SharePoint is the right productivity tool for your organization, adopt it quickly with a SharePoint-in-a-Day Workshopwhere you can explore best practices and built-in integrations to improve search capabilities for your users. Through this workshop, you'll receive a customizable SharePoint solution for one of your top business use-cases. 














Application-in-a-Day Engagement

Think of the time-consuming tasks that reduce employee productivity: vacation requests, workplace safety forms, new employee on-boarding document submissions, or tracking expenses. An Application-in-a-Day engagement can customize one of your most time-consuming business workflows and provide you with a professional, mobile-friendly application that can streamline productivity and collaboration for your organization. 

#3.1. Reap the Rewards from Fully Integrated Business Applications 

Why not strike the perfect balance between your business objectives and your IT capabilities by ensuring that your business applications - CRMs, accounting software, marketing automation platforms, etc. - are fully aligned and integrated to reduce cost, improve your ROI, and turn your IT into a true business enabler? 

Choosing the right business applications for your organization is the first step. Identifying how those applications help you to streamline productivity and collaboration for your organization is the second. One such application is Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teamsis your hub for teamwork and collaboration, giving you the platform you need to manage all your conversations, conference calls, shared documents, and your Outlook calendar. It also integrates with other applications included in your Office 365 / Microsoft 365 license.  

Modern Workplace Discovery & Assessment 

If you'd like to deploy Teams quickly and securely without wasting resources, start with the 3-day Modern Workplace Discovery & Assessment Workshop. This three-day workshop leaves you with a concrete deployment plan, timelines, and next actions.  

#3.2. The Right Infrastructure to Support Your Goals and Objectives 

Azure provides your organization with flexibility and cost-savings, as you only pay for what you consume and can scale up or down in just a matter of minutes.  

Azure Assessment & Roadmap  
Price: $9,000+ (based on the number of servers being assessed) 

If your organization is evaluating Cloud-based infrastructure, starting with anAzure Assessment will help you uncover all dependencies within your current network, provide you with an understanding of the cost of running Azure, and discover any potential security risks in your environment (like Shadow IT).   

Another Cloud-based solution that can provide mid- to large-size corporations with long-term, sustainable flexibility and ensure that end-users can work wherever and whenever they need to is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept

Test out the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop in your organization with a WVD Proof of Concept (POC) for up to 25 of your users. A POC is a smart way to verify whether WVD is the best option for your organization, whether it is for a specific use case (i.e. to enable remote workers to access QuickBooks) or for a full-scale implementation. This POC also includes a 90-day trial to Nerdio's Manager for WVD to simplify ongoing management of WVD.   

#4 Your Second Floor: User Experience Makes the Changes Easier for Your People

 In order to achieve exceptional technology adoption rates, your digital transformation journey should not only take into consideration User Experience, but should also include effective end-user support. This can be achieved through successful technology change management.


windows virtual desktop - Digital transformation



Teams Adoption & Governance Workshop

If your organization recently rapidly implemented Teams and you've noticed that you're experiencing low adoption rates, this 3-day Teams Adoption & Governance Workshop is the quickest way to help you increase your end-user productivity and achieve maximum ROI on your IT spend. 

Managed IT Services 

To ensure that you get the ROI and productivity you're looking for, consider adding real-time support for your people. Many organizations are choosing to outsource their IT Service Desk in order to provide their end-users with high-quality, real-time, cost-efficient, 24/7/365 support.  

Learn about 5 benefits of Managed IT Services in our free eBook.


#5 Your Roof: 

There's no point to building a house without a roof overhead. Similarly, there's no point to building a business without an overarching way to increase productivity, provide better business data to make better business decisions, and move your organization into a digital future. At ProServeIT, we consider this to be in line with Insights and Automation 

Work with Your Data 

Organizations that are able to efficiently work with their data and optimize their workforce by enabling automation will be able to reap the rewards of success.  








Business Intelligence Workshop

Learn how you can turn your data into a powerful advantage over your competition. ABusiness Intelligence Workshopis a starting point for your continuous BI journey and takes the guesswork out of Business Intelligence. Know how your applications are integrated with Power BI to maintain data hygiene, how you can gather and present your data efficiently, and the next steps you want to take to continue to utilize your data to make true data-driven business decisions. 

#5.1 Optimize Your Workforce Through Automation

When you can get rid of manual processes, you can provide your end-users with more time in their day to focus on higher-value activities and make their jobs easier. One way to do so is to make Microsoft Teams work for you. A Teams Smart Package is a perfect way to get started and reap a higher return on your Teams and Microsoft 365 investment, while providing better employee productivity.  

Teams Smart

Automate one of your simple manual processes, like vacation time approval or recording sick days, to save time and increase your Microsoft Teams ROI.

Teams Smart Pro

Go one step further with automation and set up a common data model so that your applications can talk to each other and form one single source of truth for your organization.

Teams Smart Elite

Maximize your ROI by integrating Microsoft Teams with other platforms, like your CRM, HR, or accounting software.