Weston Foods: SharePoint

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Weston Foods is a leading North American bakery company. Weston Foods was looking for a partner who could help with their migration from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint online.   

weston foods sharepoint

Business Challenge

Weston Foods wanted to move to the Cloud, because they believed the migration would greatly help increase their end-users’ overall productivity. One of the specific needs that ProServeIT helped address was to merge their SharePoint on-premise with SharePoint online so that all of Weston Foods’ shared content would be successfully migrated.
Weston foods - case study


• Gained Expertise: Weston Foods wanted to make sure their migration to SharePoint online was efficient and successful. ProServeIT’s expertise and experience helped achieve the efficiency Weston Foods was looking for.

• Increased Collaboration: Migrating over to SharePoint Online allowed Weston Foods’ end-users to be able to collaborate more effectively, no matter where they work or which device they work on.

• Accessibility: By migrating to SharePoint online, end-users at Weston Foods can now easily access their content all in one place. They can access shared files, access information, and organize data within a central place anytime, anywhere.

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