Microsoft Office OneNote: Take Notes In Your Own Unique Way

As another great productivity tool in the suite of Office 365 products, OneNote provides your organization with the ability to collaborate and take notes in a unique and effective way.  With Microsoft Office OneNote, you can ensure that your organization’s employees stay on the same page and in sync, wherever they are, from any device, at any time.

Microsoft Office OneNote mimics the traditional tabbed ring-binder approach to note-taking and allows your employees to take handwritten or typed notes, screenshots, audio commentaries, or drawings and share them with other OneNote users through the Cloud.

Collaborative Note-Taking,
Increased Productivity

Microsoft Office OneNote provides several features and characteristics that will help your team to be more productive and collaborative in their note-taking.

Designed for Use on Any Device

OneNote notebooks can be accessed across multiple devices. Regardless of internet connectivity, your employees will be able to access previous notes or create new notes from wherever they are using any device or platform.

Keep Sensitive Information Secure

Brainstorming a new product that you’d like to offer? Discussing a delicate merger/acquisition? Determining how your office can take a prototype to commercialization? OneNote allows your organization the opportunity to password-protect individual sections or notebooks to ensure they’re kept private.

Retrieving Your Notes Is Easy

There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out which file you need. With Microsoft Office OneNote, your employees can add keywords to their files so that searching is easier. This faster and more efficient searching means greater productivity for your employees!

Your Trusted Office 365 Partner

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