Store & Share Your Work Notes with Microsoft OneNote

As a valuable productivity tool in the Microsoft 365 suite, OneNote empowers your organization to collaborate and capture notes in a distinctive and efficient manner. With Microsoft OneNote, you can guarantee that your employees stay connected and synchronized, no matter their location or device, at all times.

Simplify your organization's note taking needs with the power of OneNote. 

OneNote Features



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How can OneNote help your organization?


Organize Your Work Notes

Stay organized with customizable notebooks that allow you to effortlessly divide your work into sections and pages

Highlight Your Key Ideas

Edit your notes using various formatting options such as typography, highlighting, and ink annotations. 

Collaborate and share with ease

Unlock the power of collaboration by effortlessly exchanging ideas and collaborating seamlessly in OneNote.

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Designed For Use On Any Device

OneNote notebooks are accessible on various devices, allowing your team to retrieve or create notes from anywhere, anytime.

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Retrieving Your Notes Is Easy

With OneNote, adding keywords to files makes searching easier, leading to greater productivity for employees!

Keep Sensitive Information Secure

OneNote allows you to password-protect sections or notebooks for keeping sensitive information secure.

OneNote Features
For Your Workforce

Microsoft OneNote provides several features and characteristics that will help your team to be more productive and collaborative in their note-taking.

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Ink Gestures

Bring your ideas to life and add notes with ease, whether using a stylus or your finger.

Clip and Save

Save time and effortlessly capture content using the OneNote Web Clipper with just one simple click.


Organize your content seamlessly throughout notebooks, sections, and pages.

Mix Media

Capture audio memos, embed online videos, and include files within your OneNote.


Highlight essential notes by tagging them as Important and To-Do.

Share with Ease

Share notebooks with coworkers via OneNote's easy functionality. 

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Ready to tackle your organization’s documentation issues? Need to properly capture your work notes?  Start writing with Microsoft OneNote!  

Experience seamless collaboration and innovative note-taking efficiency with Microsoft OneNote for your organization. Keep your team in sync and on the same page, no matter where they are or what device they're using, at any time.

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