BCG Logistics: Enhancing Scalability & Cost Efficiency with Azure & Office 365

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BCG was using an aging Small Business Server 2003 set-up and needed a major technology overhaul to standardize user productivity tools, save on costs, and help the company scale up.

BCG Logistic Group cloud migration

Business Challenge

BCG wanted to secure a reliable and productive IT infrastructure and wind down its datacentre. ProServeIT demonstrated how Microsoft Office 365 and Azure could assist them in doing so, pointing out the virtual servers in the Cloud and central web-based management of the virtual infrastructure.
BCG Logistic Group Azure migration


• Increased Scalability: BCG now has the opportunity for future growth, which its old system didn’t allow for.

• Growth Supported: Azure environment allows for onboarding of BCG’s new customers without any net new capital costs.

• Better Cost Management: BCG’s IT expenses are now paid monthly and can be predicted with adds and deletions of users on a monthly basis. These make it easy to manage IT costs.



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