Azure Disaster Recovery And Solutions

Today’s IT environments are increasingly difficult to protect. Disasters come in many forms but generally fall into three main event categories: operational failure (power outages, IT hardware failures), natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes), and human error.

Disaster recovery and backup solutions like Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) proactively protect your organization’s IT environment. The Azure Backup service will keep your organization’s data safe, and ASR recovers workloads so they remain available to your organization if disaster strikes.

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a necessity for every organization

How can disaster recovery and backup solutions like ASR help you survive, in the event of a disaster?

Test your recovery options in a safe environment

Test your disaster recovery plans whenever you want, knowing they won’t impact your primary systems or production environments. Avoid potential downtime and give you and your employees some peace of mind.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Azure Site Recovery can automate the recovery of services in the event of an outage. Your organization can bring over applications in an orchestrated way to help restore your services quickly, even if you have complex multi-tier workloads. You can also easily create disaster recovery plans in the Microsoft Azure portal.

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Your Data Is Always Being Backed Up Through Continuous Replication

Azure Site Recovery backs your data up every 30 seconds. A higher accuracy Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective means, in the event of a disaster, you’re less likely to lose substantial amounts of work.

Azure Site Recovery Webinar - What is Disaster Recovery

This video is part of a webinar which includes a live demo of Azure Site Recovery. Click here to watch the entire webinar.

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Your Trusted DRaaS Partner

A fully-managed disaster recovery and backup solution can be your organization’s best form of defence. ProServeIT is here to help you explore your own DRaaS options. Don’t let your organization be crippled by a disaster or failure - contact us today to begin!

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With the assistance of their IT company ProServeIT, this legal firm specialized in personal injury chose Azure Site Recovery for backup, providing an unprecedented level of peace-of-mind.

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