Manage IT infrastructure proactively to achieve better cost-efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

Bring new solutions to life and take a forward-thinking approach to ensure that your IT Infrastructure is operating at its best. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice. 

As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure,  Digital & App Innovation, and Data & AI, you can be confident that we have the expertise to help you accelerate migration of key infrastructure workloads to Microsoft Azure.

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Why should businesses invest in Azure Infrastructure?

Because businesses experience these common pain points:

• Challenges with scalability

• Lack of resiliency

• Cyber and physical security concerns

• Lack of in-house technical skills & resources

• Falling behind adapting new technologies

Because businesses want to reap these desirable business outcomes:

All line of business applications run smoothly

Business continuity & disaster recovery capabilities

Meet security and compliance requirements.

Increased adaptability



Common Infrastructure Questions That Business Owners Should Ask

Have you ever asked, "is my organization ready to move to the Cloud?" Here's a list of questions to help you determine your Cloud readiness! If 3 or more of these questions apply to you, book a call with us to start your Infrastructure journey!

  • Are we looking for ways to save money on our infrastructure?

  • Do we have on-premise servers that are 3-5 years old and need to be replaced?

  • Do we want more time to focus on growing our business?

  • Does our IT department spends a lot of time maintaining our servers, installing hardware and software on individual computers, and ensuring security for each machine?
  • Do we need a cost-efficient, flexible environment where we can test out new technology before rolling it out to the rest of our organization?
  • Do we have seasonal workers and require an agile environment where we can increase or decrease capacity quickly and easily?

What should businesses do to start their Azure Infrastructure Journey?

ProServeIT is here throughout your entire Azure Infrastructure Journey from discovery, to level up, and ongoing managed services.

Our team of certified Azure experts will work with you to build a plan for success that aligns your business objectives and IT strategy. We will help you accelerate your digital transformation journey to ensure that your Azure Infrastructure is reliable, secure, cost-effective, and scalable.


Step 1. Azure Infrastructure Discovery

Knowing where you start is critically important to ensure ROI.​
Starting at $5,000-$10,000+

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Azure Infrastructure Discovery

Create your cloud migration strategies based on your business requirements and objectives.

   SMBs & Enterprise   
   2-4 Weeks
  Up to 20 servers

Assess your current workload/servers.
Discover your applications’ usage and requirements.
• Build an implementation plan to “level up”.
• Understand costs and ROI.

* Based on available Microsoft funding & eligibility​


Step 2. Azure Infrastructure Level Up

Now we know our starting point.
Let’s level up!
Starting at $30,000-$50,000+

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Azure Infrastructure
Level Up

Migrate on-premises workload to the cloud. Modernize and enhance existing business applications through adopting cloud-native technologies.​

   3-5 Weeks
  Up to 20 servers


   SMBs & Enterprise   
   5-8 Weeks
  Up to 50 servers

Build a resilient & reliable infrastructure in the Cloud. 
Ensure all line of business applications run smoothly.
Reduce risks by improving your business continuity and disaster recovery processes.


Step 3. Azure Infrastructure Managed Services

The Azure adoption journey is not one-and-done. It needs to evolve as your business continues to advance.
Starting at $5,000-$25,000+/Month

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Azure Infrastructure Managed Services

Have your infrastructure continuously monitored and optimized to ensure ROI. Get weekly strategic advice from senior consultants to empower all major key stakeholders. 

   SMBs & Enterprise   

Continuously improve your cloud infrastructure capabilities by adopting new technologies.
•​ Ongoing monitoring and automating responses to changing business requirements.

A la carte, featured Azure Infrastructure offer

After the level 1 discovery/assessment engagement, based on your needs and requirements, here is a way we can help you level up your infrastructure.

Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept

Price: $15,000+ (various ECIF funding buckets available) 

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is much more cost-efficient and scalable than other traditional VDI options that typically require large, upfront CapEx. This modern, Cloud-based VDI uses existing Microsoft 365 licenses and a pay-per-use model - especially useful for organizations who'd like to have VDI available as an option at all times at a lower cost.  

Test out the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop in your organization with a AVD Proof of Concept (POC) for up to 25 of your users. A POC is a smart way to verify whether AVD is the best option for your organization, whether it is for a specific use case (i.e. to enable remote workers to access QuickBooks) or for a full-scale implementation. This POC also includes a 90-day trial to Nerdio's Manager for AVD to simplify ongoing management of AVD.  

AVD POC Benefits

decktopTest-Drive AVD

Validate the end-user experience with 25 users to see if you’d like to deploy it organization-wide.

CloudNerdio’s Manager for AVD

Receive a 90-day trial subscription to Nerdio’s Manager for AVD, an all-PaaS Azure application that helps you automate and manage large AVD deployments in just a few clicks.

mobile icon

Easy Management

No need to manage the Remote Desktop roles like you do with Remote Desktop Services, just the virtual machines in your Azure subscription.

A Customer Azure Infrastructure Journey










An oil and gas company levels up their business with the Azure Infrastructure 3-Step Journey.

business Oil & Gas    user 1,000-5,000+ 

 Business challenges they were experiencing:  

  Limited ability to expand and grow their server and client infrastructure.
  Looking to leverage multiple Data Analytics services/tools.

 How they leveled up from Level 1: 

Azure foundation infrastructure architecture was put in place.
A well-governed Azure subscription was built and connected to the organization’s existing datacenter.
Set up online (offsite) backups for different on-premises workloads and​ redundancy for some other on-premises workload.

  Taking it to the next level from Level 2: 

  Moved data to advanced Data Analytics tools (Azure Synapse).
  Deployed virtual desktop solution to improve internal employees’ and vendors’ productivity.

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Azure Infrastructure Resources For You

Maintain Infrastructure Efficiency

Servers, workstations, networks, laptops, mobile devices - maintaining infrastructure lifecycles for these vital products can be time consuming. Instead of burning in-house IT resources on these, outsourcing that responsibility to a Managed Services (MS) provider increases the value per dollar spent.    

Read 5 ways about how outsourcing IT helps increase ROI on your IT spend in this free eBook.


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