Say no to "as needed basis" IT infrastructure management. Proactively manage your IT infrastructure to achieve cost-efficiency, reliability, and scalability.   

As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure (Azure),  Digital & App Innovation (Azure) and Data & AI (Azure), you can be confident that we have the expertise to help you accelerate migration of key infrastructure workloads to Microsoft Azure. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice. We can also help you manage your data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI solutions.

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Infrastructure for remote work - did you implement a "Plan B"?

During the initial COVID-19 lockdown, organizations were in a rush to enable remote work. Often, this led to implementing "Plan B" options, like VPN. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on the other hand, is a more long-term, sustainable "Plan A" option for large corporations, especially those that need to meet various regulatory requirements (like financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare institutions, and legal firms).  

Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept

Price: $15,000+ (various ECIF funding buckets available) 

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is much more cost-efficient and scalable than other traditional VDI options that typically require large, upfront CapEx. This modern, Cloud-based VDI uses existing Microsoft 365 licenses and a pay-per-use model - especially useful for organizations who'd like to have VDI available as an option at all times at a lower cost.  

Test out the benefits of  Azure Virtual Desktop in your organization with a AVD Proof of Concept (POC) for up to 25 of your users. A POC is a smart way to verify whether AVD is the best option for your organization, whether it is for a specific use case (i.e. to enable remote workers to access QuickBooks) or for a full-scale implementation. This POC also includes a 90-day trial to Nerdio's Manager for AVD to simplify ongoing management of AVD.  

AVD POC Benefits


Test-Drive AVD

Validate the end-user experience with 25 users to see if you’d like to deploy it organization-wide.



Nerdio’s Manager for AVD

Receive a 90-day trial subscription to Nerdio’s Manager for AVD, an all-PaaS Azure application that helps you automate and manage large AVD deployments in just a few clicks.


mobile icon

Easy Management

No need to manage the Remote Desktop roles like you do with Remote Desktop Services, just the virtual machines in your Azure subscription.

Case Study

AVD Proof of Concept

planet-W Canada        organization-w Nonprofit     tarjet250 workstations deployed


IIROC’s AVD Proof of Concept with ProServeIT was so successful that the company is on track to deploy 250 workstations within ~3 months, with a further 250+ workstations scheduled for Spring 2021.

Cloud-based infrastructure leads to unprecedented agility and cost savings.

There is a major shift taking place in infrastructure these days. Organizations are looking for the ability to be more agile and increase and decrease capacity at will. Compared to traditional on-premise infrastructure, Azure, the next generation Cloud-based option, provides organizations with flexibility to increase and decrease capacity as employee head counts fluctuate, and provides organizations with cost-saving opportunities (as you only pay for what you consume). 


Azure Assessment & Roadmap 

Price: $9,000+

(based on the number of servers being assessed)

If your organization is evaluating Cloud-based infrastructure, start with an Azure Assessment to uncover all dependencies within your current network, understand the cost of running Azure, and discover any potential security risks in your environment (like Shadow IT).  



decktopVisually map all your dependencies that exist between nodes and applications within your infrastructure. 


approval iconLearn how your network communicates with itself and whether outside connections might pose a security threat.


priceAchieve cost-efficiency. 

Case Study

Azure Assessment

planet-W Canada        organization-w Automotive     employees51-200


Wakefield needed to understand how Azure-ready each of their business-critical servers would be, and what, if any, preliminary work would need to be completed on the servers to ensure that they could successfully run on Azure. The Azure Assessment provided Wakefield with a clear picture of the benefits of Azure, requirements for an Azure Migration, and a projected cost analysis to help them budget for their new Cloud-based infrastructure.  





Maintain infrastructure efficiently

Servers, workstations, networks, laptops, mobile devices - maintaining infrastructure lifecycles for these vital products can be time consuming. Instead of burning in-house IT resources on these, outsourcing that responsibility to a Managed Services (MS) provider increases the value per dollar spent.   

MS allows the freedom and flexibility to choose what kind of IT support works for your budget. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) allows you to handle your hardware and software effectively, while reducing the total cost of device ownership, and creating and deploying IT strategies that enable your organization to grow and succeed in a safe and secure manner.  

See 5 ways that outsourcing IT helps increase ROI on your IT spend in this free eBook.

Proactively maintain infrastructure.

Your infrastructure, a big part of your business strategy, needs to be considered from a holistic view for it to be a true business enabler. Thinking of your infrastructure investment on an "as needed" basis leads to redundancy and over-spend. An IT Roadmap provides your organization with that overview you need when making decisions on your infrastructure.

IT Roadmap

Price: $7,500+

Understand the most efficient ways to leverage IT as a critical business advantage.

This advisory engagement helps your management team by reviewing and measuring two aspects of your business (your business needs and your IT capabilities), performing a gap analysis, and providing recommendations to close the gap between the two. You will receive an IT Roadmap; a detailed report (typically 40-70 pages) that not only shows you the gaps and how to fix them, but also addresses any current IT issues, inefficient technology, and how these changes can increase productivity in your organization.


support icon Increase productivity by implementing the right technology.


price Save costs by removing inefficient technology.


plan-1 Address current IT issues & avoid significant system failures.


Artboard 8_16 Improve IT security to proactively protect your business-critical data.





Are you ready to move to the Cloud?

Have you ever asked, "is my organization ready to move to the Cloud?"? Here's a checklist to help you determine your Cloud readiness! If 3 or more of these statements below apply to you, book a call with us now! 

approval icon

We're looking for ways to save money on our infrastructure.  

approval icon

We have on-premise servers that are 3-5 years old and need to be replaced.   

approval icon

We want more time to focus on growing our business. 

approval icon

Our IT department spends a lot of time maintaining our servers, installing hardware and software on individual computers, and ensuring security for each machine.  

approval icon

We need a cost-efficient, flexible environment where we can test out new technology before rolling it out to the rest of our organization.    

approval icon

We have seasonal workers and require an agile environment where we can increase or decrease capacity quickly and easily.   

Solid Technology Framework Means IT As a Business Enabler

Artboard 8_5


Cybersecurity should be the foundation of any digital transformation journey. Just the way a house needs a solid foundation, your business's technology framework should have a solid cybersecurity practice and plan.
Artboard 8_4

Business Applications

SMBs tend to use 10+ business applications and large corporations can use 100+ business applications. Are any of your business applications serving similar purposes? Are your business applications integrated with each other?
Artboard 8

Brand Experience

A fragmented approach to marketing, sales, and customer service typically leads to a suboptimal brand experience for your audience. A clear, comprehensive framework and the right technology enable your team to create a stellar brand experience.
Artboard 8_2

Insights & Automation

There is so much data available to organizations that gathering insights and making data-driven decisions is high on many C-level minds. Those who can efficiently work with their data and optimize their workforce by enabling automation will be the winners.
Asset 4-2


Choose the right productivity tools that support your employees, no matter where they work and what devices they work with. The right tools are the ones that can be fully integrated and bring a long-term ROI.  

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