Work with an Organization that Puts People First!

Like J.A.R.V.I.S. evolving into Vision, our organization is constantly evolving into a better version of itself. As a multi-award winning Microsoft Gold Partner, we specialize in transformation - including our own organization! 
We are humbled and inspired by our customers who go above and beyond to serve their customers and community. We are constantly learning and adapting on how we can be better at helping our customers achieve greatness and give even more back to the community. We are a people-first organization, led by a people-centric president and leadership team.  

Our mission is to help organizations unlock their digital future.

We are committed to make the world a better place with technology. We strive to contribute to create a more diverse and inclusive society by offering an EDIB special for our flagship service offering, Technology Roadmap Lite, and by growing more female leaders within our organization.

We Apply our Values in Real Ways


People Matter.

At ProServeIT, we put people first, treating people the way that we, ourselves, would like to be treated. No matter which member of our team you interact with, our guarantee is that you're always going to be met with compassion, understanding, and a genuine desire to assist you in getting to the solutions you need to be successful. Whether it's refraining from "tech talk" when the situation requires a more business-minded approach, or the courteous and helpful way we respond to your service request, we've made an art out of making sure that everyone we encounter is treated with dignity and respect.  


Be Like Gumby.

Like the versatile and supple character from the 50's and 60's, flexibility is our middle name! When you work with ProServeIT's skilled and talented employees, you'll be working with flexible, workable, innovative, and adaptable people. Like Gumby, we love stretching our imaginations to come up with solutions that fit your unique needs and requirements, and when it comes to those solutions, especially custom development, our imaginations are the only things holding us back from finding that "perfect fit" with the technology you're investing in. 


Do It Right.

Regardless of their role in the company, every employee at ProServeIT wants to do the right thing for our customers. From our Professional Services, to Software Development, to Managed Services, to our Sales & Marketing team, when you're working with anyone here at ProServeIT, you're going to get our best. Because we want to do it right - the first time! 

Living our values




Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (EDIB) is really important to us. We put intentional efforts to provide a safe virtual space for continuous dialogues and initiatives, which helps us create a community where our people feel a sense of belonging. The safe virtual space for our organization is the EDIB Group on our Workplace where helpful resources, stories, and questions are shared. In addition, we are not hesitant to speak out when our greater communities suffer from social injustice. Here are some examples:



International Women's Day 2022

At ProServeIT, we are committed to forging a gender equal world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. We want to make women feel more welcome and empowered in the IT industry.

In celebration of International Women's Day, ProServeIT and LineZero employees made pledges and created a cohesive video on how we will #BreakTheBias.

Let's continue to celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality!

Empowering Nonprofit Organizations

We are committed to donate 1+% of our time to volunteering and/or pro bono work for nonprofits and charities who serve our communities.

Our biggest annual giveback initiative is #Empower, a full-day virtual conference that provides nonprofits and charities with the most up-to-date and relevant content to empower them to be successful with their goals and objectives.  

Focusing on four streams of listeners - from Leadership, to IT, to Marketing & Communications, to Fundraising & Donor Relations - #Empower provides nonprofits and charities with the premium content at absolutely no cost.  





Inspiring Future Generations

Led by our People-Centric President, Eric Sugar, ProServeIT is passionate about inspiring future generations to consider a career in technology. ProServeIT has undertaken several initiatives with local grade schools and high schools, to show boys and girls the importance of technology, and to help youth in the community to get a better understanding of technology, its effects on the world, and what kind of career they can expect if they choose to pursue technology studies.  

Raising Funds for Cancer Research

Through several initiatives like Cook for the Cure, Ride for the Cure, Road Hockey for the Cure, and our internal Friday Charity Barbecue, ProServeIT is active in raising funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.