Microsoft Teams: Your Ultimate Hub for Teamwork & Collaboration 

Many organizations we've worked with have benefitted greatly from the collaboration and communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams to get them connected and on track.  

Enhance collaboration and productivity within Microsoft Teams through the integration of AI-powered Copilot, streamlining tasks and fostering efficient communication. 

Discover how ProServeIT can help your team today. 

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Why use Microsoft Teams to enhance your organization's teamwork?

It's intuitive.

The Microsoft Teams user-friendly interface is easy to understand with quick start guides and other resources to assist with adoption.

It's collaborative.

Employees can chat, meet, call, and collaborate with not only those within your organization, but with external parties as well.

It's secure.

Strong data protection, governance capabilities, and more are all built into the platform for an enterprise-grade experience.

It's integrative.

Microsoft Teams integrates with over 100+ applications for your employees to find new ways to work smarter together. 


What is Microsoft Teams?

Imagine a go-to hub for teamwork and collaboration. A place where your employees can discuss projects, co-author documents and plans, host both internal and external meetings, and stay organized by viewing notes, calendars, and documents all from a single application that's accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  

To have such a powerful and capable application at your fingertips that gives you a place to create and make decisions as a team, there'd be no limit to what you could achieve. Welcome to Microsoft Teams

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Reduce Costs & Lower Maintenance Needs with Microsoft Teams Voice 

Whether you're using the platform today, or thinking of using the platform, the telephony side of Microsoft Teams ties everything together. Microsoft Teams Voice can augment or even fully replace your current telephony system, and there are many benefits to doing so.  

Our Teams Voice page goes into greater detail on how you can ditch the cumbersome on-premise structure and move to a Cloud solution that lets you make and receive calls from your PC, handset, or mobile device – while also taking advantage of all the benefits of the full Teams platform. 



Teams Voice Assessment 


Replace your legacy environment that’s holding you back from true digital transformation. ProServeIT's Teams Voice Assessment can help you know whether or not Teams Voice is a suitable fit for your organization's unique requirements.  

Through the Voice Assessment, you'll work with our experienced Teams professionals to review requirements, create a Teams migration roadmap to develop a high-level plan and timeline for migration to Teams Voice, and deploy a Proof of Concept for up to 10 users to test out Teams Voice before fully implementing it in your organization.

Is Your Organization AI Ready?


Share of people who say they struggle with having the time and energy to do their job.


Amount by which time spend in Microsoft Teams meetings and calls has increased per week since February 2020.


Share of people who would delegate as much as possible to AI to lessen their workloads.


Likelihood of a leader to say AI will provide value by boosting productivity vs. cutting headcount.

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TEO Teams

HAVI slashes its employee onboarding time by 87% with Microsoft PowerApps and Teams

website HAVI    business Transportation    user 9,000+




The HR Department at HAVI, a global logistics organization with nearly 10,000 employees worldwide, was having trouble onboarding new employees. Their process relied heavily on email and manual entry. Given the volume of employees, this manual entry could lead to errors that would take weeks to remediate.

By implementing Teams in their organization, new hires can use Teams to complete their paperwork online. With data integration and automation enabled, Teams automatically uploads the documents into HAVI's HR system, assigns tasks to the other necessary departments (i.e. Payroll and IT) to carry out the action items involved with onboarding. 

With this automation in place, HAVI's processing time for new employees has been significantly reduced. What used to take 5+ hours now takes approximately 40 minutes. The automated coordination ensures that each new employee has exactly what they need on their first day of work. Read more about HAVI's story here.

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When determining if Teams is the right solution for your unique needs, ask yourself the following questions. Does the solution you are looking for need to:

help your employees be more effective in their communication? 
make it easier to locate past documents and conversations?
ensure an efficient on-boarding experience for new employees?  
integrate with other tools in your business?
make collaborating on documents & sharing files easier
help mobile/remote workers maintain the same level of productivity as if they were in an office?    
create a centralized digital place for workers - remote, mobile, or in-office - to access the documents and the content they need to in order to do their jobs more effectively?  

If you've answered yes to some or all of these questions, chat with us and see how we can help. 

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Power BI

Provides compelling interactive visualizations, seamless links to external data sources, interactive dashboards, automated report generation, and extensive data set support from third-party providers.
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Cloud-based platform that provides your organization with the ability to manage your content, track processes, collaborate internally, manage business activities, and publish vitally important information.
M365- 1-1

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 merges the collaboration capabilities of Office 365, the ease and convenience of Windows 10 OS, and the security of Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) into one license.

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