Microsoft Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Microsoft Exchange Online ATP offers best-in-class security to protect against spam and malware such as ransomware and crypto virus. ATP is an email filtering system, as part of Microsoft Exchange Online, that protects users and minimizes data breaches which cost businesses, on average, $3.5 million per incident.

Real-time protection against malicious URLs

Attackers often hide malicious URLs within links that redirect the user to an unsafe site. ATP’s Safe Links feature dynamically blocks malicious links to protect your users at all times.

Protection against unknown malware and viruses

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and ATP Safe Attachments employ robust and layered anti-virus protection against both known and unknown malware and viruses.

Rich reporting and URL trace capabilities

ATP also offers rich reporting and tracking capabilities to help you gain critical insights into cyberattacks—who is getting targeted and the nature of the attack.

Help Your Organization With Microsoft Exchange Online

Whether you already have Office 365 licenses or not, we can help you safeguard your team’s mailboxes.

Currently using Microsoft Exchange Online?

We can help you add ATP to any subscription that includes Exchange Online for a minimal fee of $2.40 CAD per user per month. You can decide to assign ATP to everyone or to a specific group of users.

On-premises customers can also use ATP as long as they already use EOP for inbound email filtering.

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Questions About Microsoft Exchange Online?

No matter where you are on your Cloud journey - whether you already have Office 365 or are thinking of buying licenses - we can help protect your organization from advanced threats like malware, spam, and crypto virus. Contact us to have all your questions answered!