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Strike a perfect balance between your business objectives and IT capabilities.

Fully utilize your business application to reduce cost, improve ROI, and turn IT into a true business enabler.






See if you are fully utilizing all your business applications





SMBs tend to use 20+ business applications on average, whereas large corporations can use 100+ business applications. With so many applications in play, this can lead to duplication and redundancy. Are any of your business applications serving similar purposes? Do your business applications (such as your CRM, accounting software, marketing automation platform, etc.) integrate with each other?  

An IT Roadmap helps organizations answer these questions and shows: 1) a clear picture of your IT capabilities; 2) ways to leverage IT as a critical business advantage; and 3) cost saving opportunities by removing inefficient or redundant technology.

IT Roadmap

Price: $7,500+

Understand the most efficient ways to leverage IT as a critical business advantage.

This advisory engagement helps your management team by reviewing and measuring two aspects of your business (your business needs and your IT capabilities), performing a gap analysis, and providing recommendations to close the gap between the two. You will receive an IT Roadmap; a detailed report (typically 40-70 pages) that not only shows you the gaps and how to fix them, but also addresses any current IT issues, inefficient technology, and how these changes can increase productivity in your organization.

IT Roadmap Benefits

support icon Increase productivity by implementing the right technology.


price Save costs by removing inefficient technology.


plan-1 Address current IT issues & avoid significant system failures.


Artboard 8_16 Improve IT security to proactively protect your business-critical data.


Choose the right business apps for your organization

Productivity applications are the basic business applications that all organizations require. Choosing Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) provides you with 41 useful business applications and services, like Microsoft Teams, OneNote, and SharePoint already built-in to the platform. They can be easily integrated with each other to improve efficiency and productivity and help organizations make true data-driven decisions. 

For organizations with 50 - 299 employees

Microsoft 365
Business Basic

$5.00 US/$6.40 CAD 

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 
Microsoft 365
Business Standard

$12.50 US/$16.00 CAD

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 
Microsoft 365
Business Premium

$20.00 US/$25.60 CAD

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 

For organizations with 300+ employees

Microsoft 365 E3

$32.00 US/$42.60 CAD 

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 
Microsoft 365 E5

$57.00 US/$73.00 CAD

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 
Microsoft 365 F3
For Frontline Workers

$10.00 US/$12.00 CAD

(annual commitment) 
Plus applicable taxes 

Download details to see what apps are included in each license plan.  

Which license should I choose?

If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 license yet, this license decision tree will help you determine which license is the best fit for your organization’s needs. 

Achieve optimal efficiency with your business applications

Choosing the right business applications for your organization is the first step. Implementing them is another. Here are ways to achieve optimal efficiency while implementing the business applications you've chosen. 

1-day Teams Workshop

Teams has been implemented by over 500,000 organizations and it can be deployed quickly and securely when done right. Start with the 1-day Teams Workshop to not only implement it right, but also achieve optimal efficiency and the adoption rate you desire.

Get a deployment guidance report put together specifically for your organization (which includes a checklist and installation guide) and additional resources, such as an adoption kit, overcoming potential challenges, and a comprehensive technical guide.  

Business Intelligence (Power BI) Workshop

Your company is producing terabytes of data every year. That's valuable information that you should be capitalizing on. To take full advantage of your data, you need an easy-to-use and efficient business intelligence tool.  

The paramount BI tool on the market is Power BI, and if you use Office 365 / Microsoft 365, it is a powerful and efficient tool that easily integrates with other applications included in your license plan. A Business Intelligence Workshop takes the guesswork out of Business Intelligence. Know how your applications are integrated with Power BI to maintain data hygiene, how you can gather and present your data efficiently, and the next steps you want to take to continue to utilize your data to make true data-driven business decisions.  

SharePoint-In-A-Day Workshop

Many organizations set up SharePoint as a document repository - a place where they can store and access documents - and leave it at that.  But, SharePoint is capable of far more than a document repository, and by not exploring the other features and functionality of SharePoint, many organizations miss achieving ROI.  

With the SharePoint-in-a-Day Workshop, explore best practices and built-in integrations to improve search capabilities for your users (your online content management platform will have a huge amount of data). Also, get full implementation and deployment of one of your unique business use-cases via SharePoint, and a roadmap to build out the future of your SharePoint environment.  

App-in-a-Day Engagement

Think of that one business workflow that you really want to make easier such as vacation requests, workplace safety forms, new employee on-boarding documents submission, or tracking expenses. These time-consuming tasks that reduce employee productivity can be automated by creating workflows. An Application-in-a-Day Engagement customizes one of your business workflows and gives you a professional, mobile-friendly application to streamline productivity and collaboration for your organization.  

Solid Technology Framework Means IT Being a Business Enabler

Artboard 8_5


Cybersecurity should be the foundation of any digital transformation journey. Just the way a house needs a solid foundation, your business's technology framework should have a solid cybersecurity practice and plan.
Artboard 8

Brand Experience

A fragmented approach to marketing, sales, and customer service typically leads to a suboptimal brand experience for your audience. A clear, comprehensive framework and the right technology enable your team to create a stellar brand experience.
Artboard 8_3


Your infrastructure, such as networks and servers, should be able to fully support your organization, whether it's on-premise, Cloud-based, or a hybrid approach. Cost-efficiency, reliability, and scalability are some of the keywords to keep in mind.
Artboard 8_2

Insights & Automation

There is so much data available to organizations that gathering insights and making data-driven decisions is high on many C-level minds. Those who can efficiently work with their data and optimize their workforce by enabling automation will be the winners.
Asset 4-2


Choose the right productivity tools that support your employees no matter where they work and what devices they work with. The right tools are the ones that can be fully integrated and bring a long-term ROI.  

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