Make cybersecurity the foundation of your entire organization. 

Utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to collect, detect, investigate, and respond to incidents in real time.

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As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security, you can be confident that we have the expertise to help you safeguard your entire organization with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions.

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Proactively investing in cybersecurity is the smart way to mitigate business risks.

It is not an optional but a necessary risk mitigation measure, and it is not an “IT” decision but a “business” decision. It is and should be one of the top priorities for all c-suite leaders. We are here to help you navigate through your cybersecurity journey with a structured framework.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Cybersecurity?

Because businesses experience these common pain points:

○  Panic and frustration from not knowing what to do with a cyber attack

○  Worried that a cyber attack would jeopardize the business

○ Invasion of privacy of valuable and sensitive information

○  Overwhelmed with too much information about preventing cyber attacks

○  Stressed from the lack of in-house cybersecurity staff

○  Fear of losing important information

Because businesses want to reap these desirable business outcomes:

○  Understand the cyber threat trends and best practices

○  Ensure your business continuity 

○  Protect your reputation and instill trust

○  Optimally prepared for threats in a proactive manner

○  Have qualified security experts at the tip of your fingers

○  Detect if hackers have already compromised your environment

ProServeIT Academy: Cybersecurity Course

Semester one is comprised of 3 classes: Simplifying Your Security Journey, Microsoft's Zero Trust Model, and Ransomware as a Service: How to Protect Your Organization

proserveit academy instructor Instructor: George Abou-Samra, ProServeIT     proserveit academy courses forCourse for: IT Leaders
proserveit academy live virtual classesUpcoming Class: Thursday, December 1st, 2022 at 2-3PM ET (1hr)

What Should Businesses Do to Start Their Cybersecurity Journey?

data analytics discoverydata analytics level updata analytics managed services

3-Step Journey

Step 1. Discovery

Knowing where you start is critically important to ensure ROI.

Step 2. Level Up

Now we know our starting point. Let's level up!

Step 3. Managed Services

Security Journey is not one-and-done. Your business continues to evolve. Your Security practices should too.

Select one of the tabs below to learn about each step in the Cybersecurity 3-Step Journey

Cybersecurity Discovery

Let’s first understand where your organization sits compared to the security baseline, identify the gaps and risks, and create an actional plan to mitigate the risks based on priorities.

cost data analytics $10,000+    target audiences data analytics SMBs & Enterprise    deployment data analytics 4 Weeks+

Business Outcomes & Benefits

1. Identify the security gaps and risks
2. Understand the priorities
3. Gain visibility into trends and best practices

Discovery Engagement Deliverables

1. Assessment Report
○  Your current Security Maturity level and how to "level up"
○  Your Security Roadmap

2. Implementation Plan
○  ROI Calculation
○  Actionable next steps

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Cybersecurity Level Up

The Step 1 Discovery engagement reveals your must-do, should-do, and could-do actions. Taking actions on the must-do items greatly improves your cybersecurity. This is what we mean by “Level Up”.

cost data analytics $10,000+    target audiences data analytics SMBs & Enterprise   deployment data analytics 4 Weeks+

Business Outcomes & Benefits

1. Must-do actions implemented
2. Reduced cybersecurity risks
3. Improved cybersecurity

Discovery Engagement Deliverables

1. Technologies Implemented
2. Strategy Going orward
3. As-Built Documentation

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Cybersecurity Managed Services

Proactive, on-going monitoring is the next step after understanding the baseline (Step 1Discovery) and taking actions on the must-do items (Step 2 Level Up).

cost data analytics $2,000 - $4,000+ / Month    target audiences data analytics SMBs & Enterprise    deployment data analytics On-Going

Business Outcomes & Benefits

1. Significantly reduced risks
2. Efficiency gained
3. Return on your cybersecurity investment

Discovery Engagement Deliverables

1. Continuous Reporting
2. Overall Microsoft Security Roadmap
3. Business Object Alignment

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A la carte, featured Cybersecurity offers

After the level 1 discovery/assessment engagement, based on your needs and requirements, here are some of the ways we can help you level up your cybersecurity.

Alarm Guardian

Price: $10,000

Turning Azure Sentinel on is similar to installing an alarm system for your house - you want the experts to do it for you!  

Azure Sentinel helps provide confidence in your defenses by alerting you when there's an abnormality and proactively taking action against potential threats before they become a bigger problem. 


Keep up to date on current threats and become more proactive in your threat hunting.

  Timely response to cyber attacks before damage is done.

  Improve your organization's overall security posture

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Artboard 8_16Understand how secure your users' inboxes are, compared to a global average. 

Artboard 8_15Improve overall password hygiene.

Artboard 2_3Protect your organization against modern-day threats, like phishing, malware, ransomware, and email data exfiltration.

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Mailbox Guardian

Price: $5,000+ 

(depending on your organization's Secure Score) 

Designed for organizations who have a Microsoft 365 license and use Exchange Online, Mailbox Guardian scans your environment, then provides a secure score, a list of recommendations to follow, and implementation of IT security tools to protect your mailboxes going forward. 

A Customer Cybersecurity Journey

A manufacturing company protects their digital assets with the Cybersecurity 3-Step Journey.

business Manufacturing     user 1,000 - 5,000

  Business challenges they were experiencing:  

The organization’s tenant was constantly under attack.
High-level executives were being impersonated.
Users working remotely without a clear path on how to securely access corporate resources

  How they leveled up from Level 1: 

Identity protection features were put in place.
Eliminated the risk of a potential account compromise.
A set of standardized email and AI- driven protection rules were put in place.

  Taking it to the next level from Level 2: 

A Zero-Trust security framework was implemented.
Enhanced email protection features added an extra layer of protection.
All devices are fully managed, meaning more control on corporate applications & data.















Microsoft Funded Cybersecurity Workshops.

Enable your company to work remotely and remain productive and secure. The Microsoft Funded Cybersecurity Workshops are designed to assist you with your baseline and advanced security and compliance priorities and initiatives.

Security workshop 2

Endpoint Management Workshop

Free Workshop*

In this Endpoint Management Workshop we will show you how to leverage intelligent security, risk-based controls, zero-touch provisioning, advanced analytics, and deep integration to the Microsoft products you already use.

*Conditions apply.

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Identity Security workshop

Secure Identities and Access Workshop

Free Workshop*

In the Secure Identities and Access Workshop we will help you find identity risks happening now in your environment, gain insights on your application landscape, and improve your identity security posture.

*Conditions apply.

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Security workshop 5

Microsoft Sentinel Workshop

Free Workshop*

As IT becomes more strategic, the importance of security grows daily. In this workshop you'll get an overview of Azure Sentinel along with insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments with a Microsoft Sentinel Workshop.

*Conditions apply.

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How the 3-Step Journey Fits Within Your Technology Strategy

Every house needs a solid foundation before the main floor is built. The underpinning of any modern framework for technology needs to have security at the forefront. There is plenty of evidence of the negative ramifications and negative impact of ignoring or not prioritizing security. Incidents are consistently featured on the news and we help many organizations who experience some form of compromise on a regular basis.

What it means to have security as the foundation of your Technology Strategy Framework is, as you’re making technology investment decisions, you want to make sure that the new technologies are secured by design and that they’re not going to introduce any additional risks to your business. 



Discover how we can help enhance your organization's cybersecurity

Don't get stuck in one room...there are more rooms to explore!

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The Infrastructure Room

Your path to effective devices, good networks, and connectivity to access all of your necessary applications.

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The Business Applications Room

Are you making the most of your business applications? Are your applications serving similar purposes? Can they be integrated?

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The Productivity Room

Support your employees with the right productivity tools no matter where they work and what devices they work with.



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The Brand Experience Room

A clear, comprehensive framework and the right technology enable your team to create a stellar brand experience.

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The Insights & Automation Room

Efficiently work with your data and optimize your workforce by gathering insights and enabling automation.

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