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Unlock Your Digital Future

To be a true business enabler, technology should be part of your overall strategy, not an afterthought.


Ready to unlock your digital future?

Make technology a True Business Enabler

In the age of disruption, you win when (and only when) you have a solid technology framework and have IT as part of your overall business strategy. 

A solid technology framework includes the following components: Insights & Automation, User Experience, Productivity, Business Applications, Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity. Does your framework include all six? Scroll down. Have a read. When you are ready, we are here to chat.

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Choose the right productivity tools that support your employees, no matter where they work and what devices they work with. The right tools are the ones that can be fully integrated and bring a long-term ROI.  

Business Applications

SMBs tend to use 10+ business applications and large corporations can use 100+ business applications. Are any of your business applications serving similar purposes? Are your business applications integrated with each other?

Brand Experience

Whatever you implement in your organization, it needs to be user-friendly in order to achieve end-user buy-in. No digital transformation journey is complete without a solid adoption plan and effective end-user support.

Insights & Automation

There is so much data available to organizations that gathering insights and making data-driven decisions is high on many C-level minds. Those who can efficiently work with their data and optimize their workforce by enabling automation will be the winners.


Cybersecurity should be the foundation of any digital transformation journey. Just the way a house needs a solid foundation, your business's technology framework should have a solid cybersecurity practice and plan.


Your infrastructure, such as networks and servers, should be able to fully support your organization, whether it's on-premise, Cloud-based, or a hybrid approach. Cost-efficiency, reliability, and scalability are some of the keywords to keep in mind.

Nonprofits need a solid technology framework to scale their mission.

With the right technology in place, your nonprofit or registered charity has the ability to exceed expectations and set your sights on far bigger goals than you thought imaginable.

ProServeIT's biggest annual giveback initiative is #Empower2022: Reimagine - a full-day virtual conference dedicated to Nonprofits and registered charities, both small and large, to help them be empowered to scale their mission. 

Solutions in High Demand

Protect Your Digital Assets with ProServeIT’s Alarm Guardian Managed Cybersecurity Solution

A 24 x 7 x 365 managed cybersecurity solution, Alarm Guardian utilizes Azure Sentinel, Microsoft’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) technology, to monitordetect, and respond to potential threats in your digital environment so you don't have to.





Technology Roadmap Lite, Designed for CEOs

Every executive understands the importance and necessity of technologies in achieving business objectives. A simple, easy to understand bird’s eye view of your technology requirements is a game changer in achieving growth and sustainability of your business while avoiding redundancy and overspent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If your questions are not addressed here, please contact us at

What does digital transformation mean to businesses?

Digital Transformation, the process of integrating digital technology into all areas of your business, is a key component of ensuring that you are operating your business at peak efficiency and productivity, and providing valuable improvement to the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction. In the age of disruption, digital transformation is becoming more and more necessary for organizations to be more agile, competitive, customer-centric, and flexible.

How can ProServeIT help me with my digital transformation?

ProServeIT's holistic approach and modern IT framework provide you with the roadmap and tools necessary to explore digital transformation from start to finish. From determining the best ways to increase productivity, to providing a better end-user experience and the right applications for your business, to making the most of your data, automating tedious and menial tasks to provide better overall job satisfaction, and ensuring that security and infrastructure are taken into account at every turn, ProServeIT is your go-to IT partner in taking you where you want to go. Book a call and get started!

What are the benefits of working with ProServeIT?

At ProServeIT, we have three main differentiators that provide benefit to our customers:

  • We are a full-stack technology partner and take a holistic approach to making sure that IT is a business enabler. We'll be with you from start to finish, helping you along every aspect of your digital transformation journey to the Cloud.
  • We make sure you've got the technology you need, when you need it, and once you've purchased it, you're getting the maximum ROI. We place special emphasis on ensuring that your business needs and IT requirements are in complete alignment.
  • We put a security lens on everything that we do. We help you manage your advanced cybersecurity risks and secure your identity, data, and devices. We also implement this internally, so when you're a customer of ours, we're keeping your data safe.
What are the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing IT services? How can I get started with Managed IT Services?

There are several benefits of outsourcing IT services, like taking better control of your organization's costs, receiving 24/7/365 support, or proactively managing your cybersecurity needs and requirements. Although the perception is that hiring a Managed IT Services Provider would take away jobs, outsourcing IT Services actually frees up your team to tackle more important, business-oriented tasks. Learn more about the benefits of engaging with a Managed IT Services Provider with this free eBook, and then book a call to talk about how you can get started.

I'm a current customer. How do I open a service ticket?

To open a service ticket, please email a description of the issue you're experiencing to and our experienced team will get started on helping you solve your issue. It is also recommended that you summarize the issue you're experiencing in the subject line of your email. 

Who do you serve? Geographic regions, industries, and the size of organizations?

We have the capability to assist small organizations with 50+ employees to large enterprises in any industry and located throughout Canada and the United States of America. Here are just some of the customers we serve:

Small organizations: WWF, The Mastercard Foundation, Chudleighs, HTS Engineering, Winnermax Capital, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps, Pet Health

Large Enterprises: Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, KPMG, Mattamy Homes, The Woodbridge Group, Goodlife Fitness, The ALDO Group, Toys R Us, Wajax

Click here to see case studies and testimonials. 

How can I contact you if my questions aren't answered here?

We're always available at Reach out and let's chat!

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