Cobourg Police: Office 365 Migration

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The Cobourg Police Service (Cobourg Police) migrated to Office 365 from their on-premise Exchange 2010 environment.

Cobourg Police - Office 365 Migration

Business Challenge

Cobourg Police were leveraging an on-premise Exchange 2010 environment. They wanted to reduce their IT burden and increase efficiency by moving to the Cloud. 

Office 365 Migration for Cobourg Police


• Partnership & Relationship: ProServeIT had partnered with other small police departments who introduced us to Cobourg Police. Our previous experience with other police departments and their positive experience with our team gave Cobourg Police the peace of mind that they needed when deciding an IT partner for their Office 365 migration. 

• Gained Expertise: Cobourg Police relied on our expertise and guidance to help them migrate their users to Office 365 in an efficient manner.

• Increased Accessibility: By migrating to Office 365, all end-users at Cobourg Police can now easily access shared files and data when needed. 

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