Be more efficient with your time and reap the benefits of a more optimized workforce through insights & automation! 







Business Intelligence Workshop

Price: $4,000

The paramount BI tool on the market is Power BI, and if you use Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), it is a powerful and efficient tool that easily integrates with other applications included in your license plan.  

A Business Intelligence Workshop is a starting point for your continuous BI journey and takes the guesswork out of Business Intelligence. Know how your applications are integrated with Power BI to maintain data hygiene, how you can gather and present your data efficiently, and the next steps you want to take to continue to utilize your data to make true data-driven business decisions.  


ideaLearn best practices & industry standards around Business Intelligence and how you can use BI to your benefit in your organization. 



Review data sources with data experts to solidify which KPIs and metrics you want to report on & explore Business Intelligence reporting possibilities and capabilities.


plan-1Explore Business Intelligence reporting possibilities and capabilities for your organization - we call it a "Magic Show". 

What's next after the discovery workshop?

The BI discovery workshop gives you a list of recommendations and the next step to take is implementing Power BI and building out your BI environment. Extract, transform, and load your data for use in Power BI, and start designing reports and dashboards for both web and mobile consumption. 

Give your employees the gift of time back in their day

Think of those business workflows that are time-consuming and frustrating to do, but necessary to your organization. HR onboarding of new employees. Vacation requests. Tracking expenses or budgets.

Take your purchased technology further and automate these processes, and, in doing so, you'll significantly increase productivity and ROI on your IT spend.

Application-in-a-Day Engagement

Price: $2,400

The good news is, business workflows such as vacation requests, workplace safety forms, new employee on-boarding documents submission, or tracking expenses can be automated.  

An Application-in-a-Day Engagement customizes one of your business workflows and gives you a professional, device-friendly application to streamline productivity and collaboration for your organization.   



support icon Increase employee productivity by reducing time-consuming manual tasks within your organization.


mobile icon A mobile-friendly app that streamlines productivity and collaboration for your organization.


decktopReceive a fully customized solution in one day so that you can get up and running in less than 24 hours.

Office Capacity Manager (OCM)

$0.75/user/month - $1/user/month 

Office Capacity Manager application (OCM) is one example of business workflow automation. OCM provides an automated way for employees to return to office safely. A device-friendly application, the OCM provides employee number management and screening, while allowing employees to reserve desk space to avoid overcrowding.

Reap a higher return on your Teams and Microsoft 365 investment

Another way to improve efficiency and increase employee productivity is by optimizing your organization's Microsoft Teams platform through automation. When you get rid of those manual processes and integrate them through your Microsoft Teams licenses, you get more time back in your day and make your job just a little easier, and a Teams Smart Package is your way to get started. 

Teams Smart


Automate one of your simple manual processes, like vacation time approval, onboarding activities, or recording sick days and increase adoption of Microsoft Teams within your organization.  
Teams Smart Pro


Go one step further with automation and set up a common data model so that your applications can talk to each other and form one single source of truth for your organization.  
Teams Smart Elite


Explore "the art of the possible" with your process automation and integrate Microsoft Teams with other platforms, like your CRM,HR, or accounting software. 

Solid Technology Framework Means IT As a Business Enabler

Artboard 8_5


Cybersecurity should be the foundation of any digital transformation journey. Just the way a house needs a solid foundation, your business' technology framework should have a solid cybersecurity practice and plan.
Artboard 8_4

Business Applications

SMBs tend to use 10+ business applications and large corporations can use 100+ business applications. Are any of your business applications serving similar purposes? Are your business applications integrated with each other?
Artboard 8_3


Your infrastructure, such as networks and servers, should be able to fully support your organization, whether it's on-premise, Cloud-based, or a hybrid approach. Cost-efficiency, reliability, and scalability are some of the keywords to keep in mind.
Artboard 8

Brand Experience

A fragmented approach to marketing, sales, and customer service typically leads to a suboptimal brand experience for your audience. A clear, comprehensive framework and the right technology enable your team to create a stellar brand experience.
Asset 4-2


Choose the right productivity tools that support your employees no matter where they work and what devices they work with. The right tools are the ones that can be fully integrated and bring a long-term ROI.  

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