Software Development

Custom software development is like choosing your next house. There is a series of questions to ask yourself to choose the option that meets your and your family's needs the best. Whether it's putting finishing touches on an out-of-the-box solution, fully building out a new custom application, or something in between, software development can provide you with the "house" of your dreams.

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Why Do Organizations Consider Software Development?

Software Development provides you with a unique opportunity to make your organization stand out! By tapping into software development in any capacity - from a quick customization job to a full-out creation - you can improve your customers' experiences with your brand, bring your innovative products and ideas to market faster, make your operations safer, more productive, and more efficient, and much, much more! 


Education: Ensuring Maximum ROI on Technology Spend

A major component of any organization's software development journey, end-user education and training is often necessary to ensuring that your new solution - whether out-of-the-box or custom-built - can be easily integrated into your end-users' routines. This ensures that you're getting the maximum ROI on your spend. 








HIROC’s data team was looking to find a business intelligence tool that would work for their data and analytics tracking needs.

 organization-w Insurance    employees  500 employees

ProServeIT provided a demo of Power BI to both their Technical and Business audiences and showed them the “art of the possible” with Power BI.

ProServeIT also introduced the idea that, if HIROC liked what they saw but weren’t familiar with Power BI, ProServeIT could provide training & education.

Creation: Create Solutions to Fit Your Organization's Unique Goals & Objectives

Building your own house gives you exactly what you want, with the features that you need for your unique lifestyle. The same can be said for software development - sometimes, an out-of-the-box solution doesn't make sense to your organization's overall goals and objectives, and you need a solution that is created exactly to your specifications.  


Integration: Gain Better Business Intelligence by Linking Your Data

An organization that has consistency across their technology is an organization that's able to be more efficient with their data and analytics reporting. They have a "single pane of glass" view into their organization's environments, and can make better, more effective business decisions. But sometimes, those technologies don't always "talk" to each other - that's where Integration comes in. Software development has the capability of giving you that single source of truth, linking systems and consolidating data into usable business intelligence. 














Business Intelligence Workshop

A Business Intelligence (BI) Workshop is a starting point of your continuous BI journey. Know how your business applications (like Office 365) are integrated with Power BI to maintain data hygiene and how to take advantage of the built-in automation features that provide visually appealing reports and dashboard on demand. And receive a list of recommendations to build out your BI environment and practice to fully utilize your data and make true data-driven business decisions.

Customization: Put Your Unique Spin on an Out-of-the-Box Solution

Customization for software development is like putting a new, fresh coat of paint on your walls - it helps you to utilize the software that you already have, but make it more suitable to meet your specific needs. With Customization, you can take something you've already invested in to get the most out of that investment by customizing the product to your unique specifications. 









Mattamy wanted to use all the features of SharePoint Online Out-of-the-Box to keep costs down and ensure they were supported by Microsoft, but they lacked the knowledge & skill set to build it on their own.

 organization-w Construction    employees  3,000 employees

ProServeIT provided an Out-of-the-Box SharePoint Online Intranet rebuild.

ProServeIT helped Mattamy to envision their future state using a collaborative process.

ProServeIT provided training to content creators so their SharePoint Online intranet would be self-sustaining.

Automation: Who doesn't want time back in their day?

Many organizations are still suffering under manual processes, and taking up valuable time that could be spent on more productive tasks. Applying automation to one or more of your manual workflows gives employees time back in their day to focus on their higher value targets and increases employee satisfaction. 








Customized App-in-a-Day Engagement

All manual business workflows such as vacation requests, new employee on-boarding documents submission, and tracking expenses can be automated.  

An App-in-a-Day Engagement customizes one of your business workflows and gives you a professional, mobile-friendly application to streamline productivity and collaboration for your organization.   

Support: Augment Your Internal Resource Skill Set for Predictable Spend

When it comes to software development, support can take many forms - whether it's helping you to make the most of your solution, providing technical expertise when you need it, or acting as a sounding board for your new ideas.  

That's why, at ProServeIT, we put support as one of the six key pillars of software development. To help you augment your internal resource skill set and bandwidth, we'll provide strategic guidance that helps you to decrease your spend. For predictable support on Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Power BI, and Custom applications, our team is standing by. 








Case Study

 organization-w Manufacturing     employees 2,000 employees

A large manufacturing company was looking for ways to automate their manual reporting processes. They needed a solution that would automate the retrieval of data from their on-premise factory floor systems into an easy-to-use, real-time reporting tool with a visual dashboard.

After examining the existing infrastructure, Power BI appeared to be the best fit for their needs. With the automated data retrieval and real-time reporting, the company can now make data-driven decisions way more efficiently than before.

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