Microsoft Viva: Engage your employees with this digital employee experience platform.  

Business is better when people can be their best. To help businesses succeed, organizations can create a more meaningful employee experience that enables employees to do their best work – and bring their best selves to work. And that’s where Microsoft Viva comes in.

Elevate workforce engagement and organizational success using advanced AI and insights through Microsoft Viva, a comprehensive integrated solution encompassing communication, feedback, analytics, goals, and learning tools.

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The driving force for any business is its people.

Employee Engagement

86% of top-performing companies reported that digital training programs boosted employee engagement and performance.

Employee Satisfaction

94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.

Employee Retention

Highly engaged employees are 12x less likely to leave their company than those who are not engaged.


Organizations with highly engaged employees have 21% greater profitability.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work. Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced primarily through Microsoft Teams. Viva helps elevate each employee’s experience— how they engage, find knowledge, learn, and work. By improving productivity while also supporting people’s wellbeing, Microsoft Viva helps the whole organization thrive.

Microsoft Viva includes Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Topics & Viva Learnings, and Viva Goals as the initial set of modules. 

The Employee Experience Platform for the Digital Era

Creating a great employee experience is more challenging than ever. There has never been a bigger need for technology, data, and insights that are designed to improve the employee experience. Empower your people and teams to be their best with Microsoft Viva's 5 modules.



Viva Connections
Culture and Communications

People feel disconnected.
Nearly 60% of people say they feel less connected
to their team after shifting to remote work. 

Modernize your employee experience:

correct Keep everyone connected.

correct Make it east for people to contribute.

correct Unite and inspire your organization.


Viva Insights
Productivity and Wellbeing

Burnout is a global problem.
85% say wellbeing has declined and 56% say job demands have increased.

Balance employee productivity and wellbeing:

correct Deliver personalized and actionable insights.

correct Quantify the impact of work on people and business.

correct Address complex business challenges.


Viva Topics
Knowledge and Expertise

People spend about 1 hour/day searching for or recreating information.
Using multiple tools drives context switching, drains productivity and creates frustration.

Connect employees with knowledge and experts:

correct Turn content into usable knowledge.

correct Organize knowledge into topic pages.

correct Make knowledge easy to discover and use.




Viva Learning
Skilling and Growth

CEOs are concerned about talent and skills.
79% of CEOs worldwide are concerned that a lack of essential skills in their workforce is a barrier to future growth.

Learn in the flow of work:

correct Make learning a natural part of your day.

correct Access your learning content from one place.

correct Drive results that matter.



Viva Goals
Purpose and Alignment

Employees needs are not aligned with business outcomes.
80% of employees say an OKR framework helps create a higher performing team.

Set, manage, and achieve goals:

correct Create impactful objectives for a purpose-driven culture.

correct Provide goal clarity and alignment at scale.

correct Leverage expert-developed goal-setting templates and best practices.

Partner with ProServeIT for your employee engagement needs. 

Unilever Empowers Employees to Balance Their Productivity and Wellbeing with Microsoft Viva.

website Unilever    businessConsumer Goods     user 10,000+

Unilever, a global consumer goods leader with more than 400 brands, has a long history of taking its employees' wellbeing very seriously. The company adopted Microsoft Viva to provide individuals, managers, and leaders with data-driven, privacy-protected visibility into how work patterns affect employee wellbeing and productivity. These insights help Unilever improve the employee experience and promote greater work-life balance.


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Employees today are re-defining the role of work in their lives, their “worth it” equation. People are no longer choosing a job based solely on location and a paycheck.
They want purpose, flexibility, growth and development, and a culture where they feel like they belong. They want to make an impact – make a difference – and they want more work-life balance.

In short, they want a better employee experience. 

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