Mastermind Toys' Azure Migration: Boosting Web Efficiency & Online Sales

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Mastermind Toys (Mastermind) is a specialty toy and book retailer. Implementing Azure allowed the company to manage its website’s content in a more time and cost efficient manner.

azure migration

Business Challenge

Mastermind had decided to revamp its existing website to improve its customers’ online experience, with a focus on maintaining its online store with up-to-date content. As the amount of the web content was growing significantly at a fast pace, Mastermind needed a solution that can accommodate the growth. The challenge was to find a functioning solution at an affordable price. A third-party vendor was supplying content for Mastermind’s website. The ability for the vendor to easily share files with Mastermind was another key need.
azure migration and website revamp


• Easy-to-Use and Inexpensive Storage Expansion: Mastermind is now able to better manage the content for its new website as Azure offers an easy-to-use and inexpensive storage expansion opportunity. It offers the storage space Mastermind required for its website content.

• More Reliable Data Sharing System: With Azure, Mastermind can share files more easily with the third party.

• Improved Productivity and Increased Revenue: Mastermind can update its online store in a more time-efficient manner, which has helped improve productivity and increase revenue from online sales.

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