SharePoint solutions: enabling your team members to work together, work better, & work remotely.  

SharePoint enables content management, process tracking, collaboration, business activity management, and company-wide information publishing for organizations. It is included in all Microsoft 365 and Office 365 licenses for business and enterprise SKUs.

Microsoft SharePoint's evolution in the AI era takes a leap with the introduction of Copilot, redefining collaboration. AI-driven insights empower users, transforming SharePoint into an intelligent and intuitive workspace.

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SharePoint Solutions Empower Teams

Used by over 190 million users across 200,000 organizations, SharePoint solutions allow your employees to share ideas and content across various teams and regions, without the associated overhead of having to manage the infrastructure on your own. 


Simple Sharing and Seamless Collaboration

With SharePoint, you can create dynamic and productive team sites for every department, division, or project team. These sites allow those on the team to share files, news, data, and resources effortlessly, across laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. 


Engage & Inform Your Organization 

SharePoint Solutions can double as an employee intranet, allowing you to provide a cohesive and efficient way for team members to access common resources and applications via home sites and portals in SharePoint.  


Harness Collective Knowledge 

With SharePoint, you're only a click away from what you need. SharePoint provides your employees with powerful search capabilities and rich content management so that they can always discover the information they're looking for.  


Transform Your Business Processes 

What would you do if you could be more efficient with your time and reap the benefits of a more optimized workforce? With SharePoint, you can accelerate your organization's productivity by transforming your processes through automation.  

Partner with ProServeIT for your Microsoft SharePoint needs. 

SharePoint Jumpstart Engagement 

Tired of your plain SharePoint installation? Working with Office 365 but don’t know where to start with SharePoint? 

ProServeIT will design and implement your SharePoint Intranet Portal to match your company’s identity and enhance user adoption. This solution is available on Office 365 and SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016. 




SharePoint-in-a-Day Workshop 

Price: $2,000 

If SharePoint is the right productivity tool, adopt it quickly with a  SharePoint-in-a-Day Workshop. 

Explore best practices and built-in integrations to improve search capabilities for your users. Includes full implementation and deployment of one of your unique business use-cases via SharePoint, and a roadmap to build out the future of your SharePoint environment. 



Right to Play, a global non-profit organization, improved its staff’s access to necessary resources and tools by utilizing SharePoint.

businessNonprofit   user 600+  Employees

Key Benefits: 

 computer Improved Access: Employees are using Office 365 and SharePoint which give them the necessary tools to access the resources and materials they use when teaching children.

security_1 Increased Data Security: Right To Play utilized Windows 10’s biometric security to keep their data more secure, addressing the security issues that inevitably came up from having many employees working abroad.

saving left 1 cm Cost Savings: As a not-for-profit organization, Right to Play enjoys the benefits of Microsoft’s reduced cost structure for qualified nonprofits.

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Whether you're looking for file storage and sharing, company intranets and team sites or business process automation, SharePoint's content management capabilities could be a viable option for your organization. 

One of the biggest pain points that we hear from our customers is that their approval processes take up an inordinate amount of time and resources.

So, for them, one of the most valuable things about SharePoint, is its workflow automation capabilities which help eliminate the headaches around document approvals.

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Whether you're looking for file storage and sharing, company intranets and team sites or business process automation, SharePoint's content management capabilities could be a viable option for your organization.

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