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Microsoft Sentinel (formerly Azure Sentinel), is your bird's-eye view across your entire enterprise. Be proactive with your security & increase your security posture.

Microsoft Sentinel, a Cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution, is a powerful tool for your frontline defenders in your organization - whether that's your security teams, your IT departments, or those in your organization focused on security. 

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Intelligent Security Analytics & Threat Detection at a Glance!

With Microsoft Sentinel, you can automate threat responses, and put Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to work on your behalf to proactively hunt for threats, investigate them when detected, and follow security playbooks - a collection of procedures that can be run from Microsoft Sentinel - to respond to an alert.  


Microsoft Sentinel Helps You Detect Suspicious Threats

Once your various data sources have been connected to Microsoft Sentinel, it will start detecting any previously uncovered threats, while also minimizing false positives. Microsoft Sentinel does this by focusing on the analytics and threat intelligence capabilities of Microsoft to create detection rules that are based off the types of threats and anomalies within your environment that are suspicious in nature. 

Microsoft Sentinel Investigates Cases

Based on the detection rules that your organization has set up, Microsoft Sentinel will investigate cases by using built-in AI capabilities and, when directed, will bring found cases to your attention. You'll be able to see full details of the alerts and entities that have been detected, so that you can determine just how severe those cases are.  

Microsoft Sentinel Makes Responding to Incidents Easy

Microsoft Sentinel also helps you respond to incidents that have been detected. By using a collection of procedures that can be run from Microsoft Sentinel in response to an alert (also known as playbooks), you can choose to either manually run or automate the process of responding to incidents that are discovered. 

Alarm Guardian 


Turning Microsoft Sentinel on is similar to installing an alarm system for your house - you want the experts to do it for you!  

Microsoft Sentinel helps provide confidence in your defenses by alerting you when there's an abnormality, and proactively taking action against potential threats before they become a bigger problem.  



Benefits of Alarm Guardian 

  • Reduce the Noise to Find Threats Quickly Built-in machine learning analyzes trillions of signals daily to filter out the known from the unknown. 

  • Make use of Behavioural Analytics Threat investigation and response is made much easier through user and entity profiling. 

  • Speed Up Threat Response Integrated automation and pre-built queries allow you to accelerate your response to any threats











ABM Industries used the machine learning capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel to reduce security alert fatigue within their organization.

business Professional Services    user 140,000 Employees 

A leading facilities solution provider, ABM Industries used the machine learning capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel to reduce security alert fatigue within their organization. Its large global workforce required a varied and mobile workforce, which required a shift in thinking for their security needs. Using outsourced security operations in tandem with internal security analysts, ABM adopted Microsoft Sentinel, automated its security responses and reduced the number of alerts the staff needs to analyze by 50%.  

"With Microsoft Sentinel, we saw the opportunity to develop the automated responses we wanted for threat protection. With a lot of the alerts and data already correlated across Microsoft tools, the queries and playbooks are so simple they kind of write themselves." 

Tom Morley: Senior Director for Global IT Engineering Operations and Cyber Security, ABM 

Microsoft Sentinel FAQs


What is Microsoft Sentinel? How does it work?

Microsoft Sentinel is a Cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution that delivers threat intelligence and intelligent security analytics across your organization. To increase your organization's security posture, Microsoft Sentinel is able to provide threat visibility, alert detection, proactive hunting, and threat response. 

Microsoft Sentinel works to provide a bird's-eye view across your organization in four ways: 

  • COLLECT - Microsoft Sentinel collects your data across all your users, devices, applications, and infrastructure.  
  • DETECT - Using Microsoft's analytics and threat intelligence, Microsoft Sentinel detects previously undetected threats, and ensures that false positives are minimized. 
  • INVESTIGATE - Microsoft Sentinel's Artificial Intelligence (AI) investigates suspicious activities that could signal a breach.  
  • RESPOND - If an incident is discovered, built-in orchestration and automation goes to work to protect your environment. 
Do I need an Azure subscription in order to use Microsoft Sentinel?

Yes. Since Microsoft Sentinel is built on the Azure platform, a subscription is required to use or implement it in your organization. Your Azure subscription provides you with a fully integrated experience, and allows you to use the Azure Portal to augment any existing services you have (such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud, or Azure Machine Learning).  

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Does Microsoft Sentinel integrate with other existing tools?

Absolutely! Microsoft Sentinel can be integrated with a number of enterprise tools, including security products, in-house tools, or other systems, such as ServiceNow. Microsoft Sentinel has an extensive architecture to be able to support custom collectors through advanced queries and REST API. This lets you bring your own insights, machine learning models, customized detections, and threat intelligence into your Sentinel environment.  

Use Microsoft Sentinel to Proactively Find and Destroy Threats in Your Environment


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