Proactively defend against sophisticated cyberthreats with Microsoft Sentinel

With our Managed SOC service (known as Alarm Guardian), you can harness the power of proven Sentinel AI technology to monitor every aspect of your technology environment, detect suspicious cyber behaviour, and stop cyber threats before they cause damage to your infrastructure.

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As an authorized Microsoft Cloud Partner with a Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialization – ProServeIT has the tools and expertise to help ensure your organization remains protected (both now and in the future).

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Your Cybersecurity Concerns (and how we can help)

Your Cybersecurity Concerns

Inability to identify, assess, and mitigate security risks in a timely fashion.

Lack of inhouse cybersecurity skills and shortage of internal cybersecurity staff​.

Hard to identify the extent of any known breaches.

Lack of visibility into security incidents.

Issues with meeting cybersecurity insurance requirements.

Fear of appearing on the local news due to a hacker compromising your business.

How Our Managed SOC Can Help

Timely response to cyber attacks before damage is done.

Security team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals.

Visibility into devices and accounts involved in any breach.

Single dashboard for cybersecurity incidents.

Complying with your cybersecurity insurance requirements.

Peace of mind that your cybersecurity is protected by our Managed SOC's smart technology.


Complimentary Threat Landscape Review

Security Threat Landscape

Get a visualization/map of login attempts to your environment across the globe, both successful ( yellow dots) and unsuccessful ( red dots), along with a detailed report including dark web scan, privileged role exposure, secure score, and many more. 

It will help you understand whether you are under attack or not, and if you are, where the attacks are happening and what actions need to be taken.

Password attacks per second have increased 20 times in the last 3 years as you see on this graph. Cybercrime is an industry that equals the 3rd largest economy in the world with an annual growth rate of 15%

We understand, no matter how real the threat is, it often doesn't "feel" real until it is too late and the damage has already been done. ProServeIT is committed to helping as many organizations as possible by lowering the barrier to get the most foundational, must-do actions done. 

Protect Your Company's Data With Our Managed SOC Service 

Powered by AI-based cybersecurity technology from Microsoft and a team of highly trained and skilled cybersecurity experts, our Microsoft Sentinel  service helps businesses to detect cyberthreats early and to mitigate the incidents (i.e., hacking, ransomware, data breaches) around the clock.

 We help protect your business from hackers and data breaches by using the following philosophy: Detect Early. Mitigate Properly.

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Step 1: Installation

The first step is installation of your new digital “security system”, so that you can protect your valuable data.
Microsoft Sentinel (your new security system) can learn what kind of behaviour is considered “normal” for your organization, and what might constitute a suspicious threat.

Step 2: Detect Suspicious Threats

Proactively monitor alerts that are coming to your environment.

Using built-in AI capabilities, Microsoft Sentinel can show full details for alerts and entities that are detected. It can provide a severity ranking so that alerts that rank “high” are actioned first. 


Step 3: Investigate Identified Threats

Identify new risks or areas where better cybersecurity protection is required.

If an incident is detected, Microsoft Sentinel can show full details of the alerts and helps to distinguish between false positives and legitimate threats.


Step 4: Respond to Cybersecurity Threats

Use AI and machine learning capabilities to respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Some of these responses are automated within Microsoft Sentinel – we use rules, security playbooks, and workbooks to provide the Microsoft Sentinel platform with instructions on how to action specific security threats.


Bonus: Discover Relevant Insights

Provides contextual cybersecurity insights that further ensure all your data is secure.
Discover a new level of threat intelligence insight with user and entity profiling that leverages peer analysis, machine learning, and Microsoft security expertise.

Bonus: Custom Roadmap

Get an insightful cybersecurity roadmap tailored to the unique technological needs of your organization.

Our  cybersecurity roadmap helps identify existing cybersecurity gaps and create a roadmap to show how those gaps can be addressed. 

Historical Analysis

Bonus: Quarterly Reports

Receive detailed quarterly reports from our cybersecurity team on your current security status.

Our cybersecurity team will meet with you to review the quarterly reports and discuss how best to improve your current cybersecurity stance. 

The reports cover recent cybersecurity trends, threats and recommendations. 

Our Managed SOC Service Pricing

Just like your employees, your company data (i.e. customer information, financial data, intellectual property, etc) is priceless

Partner with our Managed SOC service (known as Alarm Guardian)  so we can keep your precious data and technology environment protected from any hackers searching for their next target.  

calendar-days3-5 days

pricing-alarm-guardian Starting at  $6,000  for onboarding and monthly managed services starts at  $2,000/month  (depending on the number of employees).

Please download your pricing package below for details.

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Benefits of our Managed SOC Service

search @4xReduce the Noise to Find Threats Quickly Built-in machine learning analyzes trillions of signals daily to filter out the known from the unknown. 

Artboard 8_3Make use of Behavioural Analytics Threat investigation and response is made much easier through user and entity profiling. 

detect iconSpeed Up Threat Response Integrated automation and pre-built queries allow you to accelerate your response to any threats

Need to protect your organization with Microsoft Sentinel?

Take a look at the stories below of a few ProServeIT customers who have improved their cybersecurity stance with Microsoft Sentinel.











ABM Industries reduced its cybersecurity alerts by 50% using Microsoft Sentinel.

business Professional Services    user 140,000 Employees 

A leading facilities solution provider, ABM Industries used the machine learning capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel to reduce security alert fatigue within their organization.

Its large global workforce required a varied and mobile workforce, which required a shift in thinking for their security needs.

Using outsourced security operations in tandem with internal security analysts, ABM adopted Microsoft Sentinel, automated its security responses and reduced the number of alerts the staff needs to analyze by 50%.

Protect Your Technology With Our Managed SOC Service

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Defend Harder Smarter: Effortless Tech Security with Microsoft Sentinel

Letting our smart technology monitor your tech environment 24x7x365 for better cybersecurity so you don’t have to? That’s smart. 

Having our team of cybersecurity experts stop hackers before they get into your system? That’s smart.  

Make the smart move to Microsoft Sentinel. Get the protection and peace of mind you deserve. Leave your tech security concerns with us. Our unique cybersecurity service can help properly secure your data and technology so you can spend more time focusing on your business.  Alarm Guardian Protection-01

Your Microsoft Cloud Partner and Azure Expert

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner and Azure Expert MSP (Managed Service Providers), we have the expertise and capability to implement, organize, and manage Microsoft Azure Sentinel environments to the highest level.

ProServeIT is part of Microsoft’s elite Managed Security Solutions Provider (MSSP) program and the Microsoft's Intelligent Security Association (MISA). We are equipped to deliver robust cybersecurity solutions catered to your organization's framework and help protect you against ransomware and a world full of growing cyberthreats.

In addition, ProServeIT also achieved a Microsoft Advanced Specialization for Cloud Security to better assist you with improving the cybersecurity of your technology environment.  

Discover why organizations trust Alarm Guardian (our Managed SOC service) to help protect against various cyberthreats and incidents. 


We have extensive experience in high-demand Microsoft Cloud Solution areas to help you with your digital transformation.


Online Cybersecurity Course

Our Online Cybersecurity Course from ProServeIT Academy is designed to help you understand how to improve your current cybersecurity and stay updated on cybersecurity trends

detect iconCourse Audience: IT leaders & Professionals   proserveit academy instructor

book-iconTopics Covered: Zero Trust Model, Ransomware, Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity, Phishing Scams, and Insurability with Cybersecurity

Register for the course to receive the password to access the class recordings! 

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Managed SOC Service FAQs

What is Microsoft Sentinel? How does it work?

Microsoft Sentinel is a Cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution that delivers threat intelligence and intelligent security analytics across your organization.

To increase your organization's security posture, Microsoft Sentinel is able to provide threat visibility, alert detection, proactive hunting, and threat response. 

Microsoft Sentinel works to provide a bird's-eye view across your organization in four ways: 

  • COLLECT - Microsoft Sentinel collects your data across all your users, devices, applications, and infrastructure.  
  • DETECT - Using Microsoft's analytics and threat intelligence, Microsoft Sentinel detects previously undetected threats, and ensures that false positives are minimized. 
  • INVESTIGATE - Microsoft Sentinel's Artificial Intelligence (AI) investigates suspicious activities that could signal a breach.  
  • RESPOND - If an incident is discovered, built-in orchestration and automation goes to work to protect your environment. 
Who is Microsoft Sentinel designed for?

Our Managed SOC Microsoft Sentinel service is designed for  companies who are in need of proactive, modern solutions to defend themselves against hackers, ransomware threats and data breaches.  

Do I need an IT background to understand what ProServeIT’s Managed SOC service does?

No, you don’t need an IT background to understand how our Managed SOC service works. Our team of cybersecurity experts will help walk you through the technical details of our Managed SOC service and help answer any of your questions. 

How much does ProServeIT’s Managed SOC service cost?

Click here to access our pricing package (no information required).  

How does ProServeIT’s Managed SOC service work with my existing technology?
Microsoft Sentinel can be integrated with a number of enterprise tools, including security products, in-house tools, or other systems including (but not limited to) :  
  • Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams) 
  • Azure Active Directory 
  • Azure Activity 
  • Azure Active Directory Identity Protection
  • Microsoft Defender  (Office 365, Cloud, Identity, Endpoint, Cloud Apps)
  • Windows Security Events
  • Windows Firewall
  • Threat Intelligence Platforms
  • Firewalls (Cisco, Palo Alto, SonicWall, etc)
  • Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • VMware ESXi
Microsoft Sentinel has an extensive architecture to be able to support custom collectors through advanced queries and REST API. This lets you bring your own insights, machine learning models, customized detections, and threat intelligence into your Sentinel environment.  
Do I need an Azure subscription in order to use Microsoft Sentinel?

Yes. Since Microsoft Sentinel is built on the Azure platform, a subscription is required to use or implement it in your organization. Your Azure subscription provides you with a fully integrated experience, and allows you to use the Azure Portal to augment any existing services you have (such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud, or Azure Machine Learning).  

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