Strype's Swift Azure Site Recovery: Ensuring Data Integrity & Compliance

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With the assistance of their IT company ProServeIT, this legal firm specialized in personal injury chose Azure Site Recovery for backup, providing an unprecedented level of peace-of-mind.

data protection with Azure site recovery

Business Challenge

As a legal firm, Strype needs to protect the integrity of its data to comply with many laws and legal practices, while still maintaining said data for billing purposes. The firm required a very robust disaster recovery system compatible with its new Hyper-V VM servers.
Azure site recovery protect data


• Peace-of-mind: Azure Site Recovery guarantees availability and ensures that the Strype team no longer worries about hours or days of downtime.

• Compliance: this solution helps Strype comply with all legal regulations, including chain of evidence rules.

• Speed: with Azure Site Recovery, a full recovery can now be completed in a few minutes, greatly minimizing potential downtime and revenue loss.

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