An optimal technology framework is your best assistant!

Charlene, CEO 
Industry: Financial Services 
# of Employees: 250 


The primary reason why Charlene decided to undergo a major digital transformation was to stay competitive and grow her organization by ensuring a stellar customer experience, making sure her people stayed productive, no matter where they worked, and had access to necessary data points in the most efficient way (by removing tedious manual work to create reports and dashboard). One of the biggest benefits of the digital transformation has been that her organization can be truly agile and responsive to the rather rapid socioeconomic changes that most organizations have been facing recently. 

Explore the steps Charlene took to propel her organization forward. 

Learn how to achieve maximum ROI and optimize technology spend

Successful digital transformation starts with a solid Technology Roadmap

Ad hoc and reactive actions (such as purchasing technology only after a problem has been identified) often lead to redundancy, overspent, and inefficiency. Start with a Technology Roadmap to create a framework and plan, proactively.

IT Roadmap 

Price: $7,500+  

Having an IT Roadmap as the framework for your organization's digital transformation journey means bringing your business goals and objectives and your technology capabilities into alignment.  

strategy A clear picture of your organization's IT capabilities;  

decktop Ways to leverage your IT as a critical business advantage; and 


price Cost saving opportunities by removing inefficient or redundant technology. 







Can your people work from anywhere, from any device? 

True digital transformation enables your people to work from anywhere using any device. The best way to free your employees from being stuck at their desk and truly empower them to do their jobs is utilizing Cloud-based tools, like Microsoft 365. Your people can check emails, edit documents, chat with colleagues and customers, and more, regardless of where they are or what device they're on. 

There are several versions of Microsoft 365, so if you haven't selected your license yet and are wondering where to start, this decision-tree will help you determine which license is the best fit for your organization's unique needs. Download details here to see what applications are included in each license plan.  


Microsoft 365 license decision tree


Implement a Collaborative Communication Platform for Everyone 

Microsoft Teams integrates several different tools (an online document library, Outlook calendar, task management application, etc.) and enables effective communications (instant messaging, conferencing, and calling). Deploying Microsoft Teams doesn't take much time when done right, with best practices and a guide to show you the way. 

 1-Day Teams Workshop 


 This workshop is the most cost efficient way to implement Teams without wasting time or resources. Through discussion around potential challenges and use cases, this workshop provides a customized deployment guidance report that includes a checklist and installation guide, an adoption kit, and a comprehensive technical guide for additional resources.  













Optimize Your Technology Spend  

Successful CEOs in the digital age understand the importance of utilizing the right technologies and optimizing technology spend to avoid inefficiencies. Give your IT team time back to focus on more strategic initiatives that will add so much value to your organization's growth, security, and overall success by outsourcing operational IT responsibilities.  

 Outsourcing the responsibility to an experienced Managed Services (MS) provider is the best way to maintain your organization's operational excellence, while simultaneously keeping costs down and managing the influx of remote workers. When menial IT tasks such as password resets, troubleshooting faulty equipment, and setting up new laptops are taken care of by your MS Provider, your IT team's time is freed up for other strategic initiatives.  

Download this eBook and see how you can take advantage of Managed Services in your organization. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions through a Solid Business Intelligence Platform 

No CEO can do without an overall look into how their organization is doing and ensuring that they have the right real-time data to make solid business decisions. That's why Business Intelligence (BI) is such an important tool in a CEO's arsenal. Using a comprehensive BI platform that easily integrates with multiple data sources puts valuable and pertinent information at your fingertips, so that you can make better business decisions. 

Business Intelligence Workshop 


The paramount BI tool on the market is Power BI, and if you use Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), it is the most powerful and efficient tool, as it is easily integrated with other applications included in your license plan.  

A Business Intelligence Workshop is a starting point of your continuous BI journey. Know how your applications are integrated with Power BI to maintain data hygiene and how to take advantage of the built-in automation features that provide visually appealing reports and dashboard on demand. And receive a list of recommendations to build out your BI environment and practice to fully utilize your data and make true data-driven business decisions.  













Optimize Your Technology Spend  

Propel Your Organization into a more Secure Future 

Cybercrime damages are predicted to cost the world$6 trillion annually by 2021(Can we superimpose this onto an image or create a graphic with this stat?).  

Imagine the horror of having years of financial and customer data stolen by a cybercriminal. What will be its impact on your revenue and more importantly, your customer relationships and reputation? For cybercriminals, it's a number's game and every company or organization out there is a target, regardless of the size, location, or industry.  

Mailbox Guardian 

$5,000+ (depending on Secure Score) 

Many CEOs wonder where to start. The lowest hanging fruit (and the most critical one) is your employees' inboxes. Designed for organizations with Microsoft 365 licensing and using Exchange Online, the Mailbox Guardian initiative scans your organization's environment, provides a Secure Score (an indicator that shows you how secure your organization is), and provides recommendations on tactics and security tools that can make your organization more secure and protect your organization going forward.  

Make Data-Driven Decisions through a Solid Business Intelligence Platform 

Your inbox, as an Executive and CEO, is even more of a target than others in your organization. But it's not just your corporate account that threat actors are after - they want your personal addresses too. Do you use the same password for personal and corporate accounts? 

"No Tech Talk" Executive Cybersecurity Workshop 

$750 (1.5-hour long session with pre and post workshop consulting) 

As an Executive, your mailbox is even more of a target than others in your organization. An Executive Cybersecurity Workshop provides an overview of the top cybersecurity concerns for your organization, and the various risks that you, as an Executive, should be aware of. You'll also receive a list of ways to improve your security habits and behaviours, and a checklist you can follow to improve your personal security posture. 







Peace of Mind: All the Time

If Charlene's story above resonated with you, it's time to start thinking about your IT environment as a business enabler. Get on the fast track to success with this checklist for C-level executives & business decision-makers:


Book your IT Roadmap to see how well your business objectives and IT capabilities are aligned. 


Review your Microsoft 365 licensing and ensure that you're getting exactly what your organization needs (without wasting money).  


Book your 1-day Teams Workshop to ensure that you're not only making the most of Microsoft Teams, but ensuring maximum adoption rates among your end-users.  


Build a Business Intelligence strategy so you can support your business decisions with data. 


Determine the best ways to protect your end-users inboxes from phishing and ransomware attacks.  


Book your Executive Cybersecurity Workshop to ensure you and your executive team are protecting both personal and business life.