Welcome to the Marketing Course 2022-2023!

ProServeIT Academy 2022-2023 will have two semesters. Semester 1 runs from July to December 2022. Semester 2 runs from January to June 2023.

The first semester for the Marketing Course is comprised of 2 classes:

Class 01: Turn Marketing into Your Business Enabler

Class 02: Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses, A Deep Dive

These classes are designed for C-suite executives. These live classes will be delivered virtually on Tuesdays from 2pm to 2:30pm. For the specific dates, please see below.

What You'll Learn

📣 Class 01: Turn Marketing into Your Business Enabler

As a CEO, you think long-term. You see the big picture. You are in for the long game. You are dedicated to your organization's long-term success. Here is a bold statement: the only way you win the long game is by investing in modern marketing.  

Because marketing, when done right, is what enables organizations to achieve exponential and sustainable growth.   

The significant job of marketing can seem daunting. If you feel this way, you aren't alone. This class is designed for CEOs like you to help you feel less overwhelmed and more confident by providing you with a framework and tools.   

Join Mihae to explore the 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework, which you will be able to utilize right away to create your marketing plan and roadmap so that you can ensure consistent marketing ROI and accomplish the important job of enabling your business growth. 

When: Tuesday, September 27th, 2022
Duration: 2:00PM - 2:30PM ET (30 min)
Course Delivered: Online

📒 Class 02: Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses - A Deep Dive

When done right, marketing is what enables your business's exponential growth. What does  "when done right" mean? Avoid shiny object syndrome (which is commonly experienced by many organizations when investing in marketing) and know what to prioritize by creating a solid marketing strategy before allocating and spending a lot of resources.   

A solid marketing strategy needs to involve four pillars: attract, engage, delight, and grow. This class is designed for CEOs and explores these four pillars of marketing strategy in detail to provide you with templates and tools that you can start utilizing right away.  

Note: These four pillars are part of the 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework. If you haven't attended the first class, please watch the recording prior to taking this second class. It builds on the first class. 

When: Tuesday, November 15th, 2022
Duration: 2:00PM - 2:30PM ET (30 min)
Course Delivered: Online

Mihae Ahn


About the Instructor

Mihae Ahn

Marketing Director, ProServeIT


Who has time to read full paragraphs? Here is who I am in 7 simple bullet points!

  • Marketing is my passion. This is what I love doing and do well.
  • Measuring marketing ROI... Challenging? Yes. Critical? Yes. On the top of my priority list? Always!
  • The main focus of my career has been helping organizations with little to zero marketing to build a solid marketing framework, create a team of smart, ambitious people, and implement long-term and short-term strategy.
  • My favourite thing about being a leader - mentoring and seeing people grow!
  • My other passion is reading and continuous learning. Reading inspiring books is my favourite way to spend my own personal time.
  • Three values that truly reflect who I am - Authenticity. Integrity. Perseverance.
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Where does the Marketing Course Fit within Your Technology Strategy?

We encourage CEOs and their C-suite executives to think of brand experience through two lenses: through a customer perspective and through an employee experience perspective. This course is all about the customer experience.  

Designing customers' experience is marketing's most important responsibility.   

Building relationships with your audience by creating unforgettable, frictionless experiences in the age of information overload is what modern marketing is, in a nutshell.  

Join Mihae to explore a framework and tools you can apply right away to have your marketing activities fulfill this daunting yet exciting responsibility and bring you the ROI you are looking for. 

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