Welcome to the Microsoft & Salesforce Integrations Course 

Explore the synergy of Microsoft and Salesforce Integration in our dedicated webinar series. Seamlessly connect these platforms and elevate your capabilities with our Integration Course.

Semester 01 classes:

Class 01: Office 365 & Salesforce (co-hosted with Brightmark)

Class 02: SharePoint & Salesforce (co-hosted with Brightmark)

Class 03: Azure & Salesforce (co-hosted with Brightmark)

These classes are designed for IT leaders and IT professionals. Register for the course to receive the password to watch the recordings.

Classes from Semester 1

The class recordings are available below!
💻 Class 01: Office 365 & Salesforce (co-hosted with Brightmark)

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Is your organization using both Office 365 and Salesforce? Would you like to integrate these applications to streamline sales efficiency and give your employees more time to spend on value-added activities? 

In this session, we’ll discuss how a Salesforce Office 365 integration will allow users to work seamlessly in both platforms. Join us for a session filled with tips and suggestions based on the real-life examples. 

📄 Class 02: SharePoint & Salesforce (co-hosted with Brightmark)

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Integrating SharePoint’s feature-rich collaboration platform with best-of-breed CRM platform, Salesforce, can maximize the value from both systems.  

In this session, we’ll explore the key benefits of integrating SharePoint with Salesforce and stories of organizations that have successfully integrated the two systems and enjoyed the benefits.

☁️ Class 03: Azure & Salesforce (co-hosted with Brightmark)

Microsoft & Salesforce Class 03 has happened!
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Setting up a Salesforce and Azure integration will allow you to fully evaluate your customers and gain powerful insights to drive your business forward. Join us to hear how other organizations have utilized both platforms and ask any questions you might have. 



About the Instructor

Matthew Maingot

CEO, Brightmark


As someone who is passionate about technology, Matthew works with Brightmark clients to help develop their Salesforce and technology roadmaps, bringing over 9 years’ experience and 250+ Salesforce customer engagements. Matthew is a strong communicator, helping clients understand complex technologies and processes and brings a truly collaborative approach to his projects. Matthew has spent extensive time architecting Salesforce solutions for clients in the wealth/asset management, family office, private equity, lending, and non-profit spaces.

In his personal time, Matthew is an avid Formula 1 racing and video game fan, and is a strong mental health advocate.

Eric Sugar_ProServeIT


About the Instructor

Eric Sugar

President, ProServeIT


Whether it's helping his employees remove roadblocks, educating customers on how various technologies can make their jobs and their lives better, or instructing leaders on the importance of corporate and personal cybersecurity, Eric Sugar, President of ProServeIT, always takes a people-centric approach to his role. With over 25 years in the IT industry, Eric's been with ProServeIT since its inception in 2002.

He loves seeing what technology can do for people, and how technology can have such a positive impact on organizations. But it's not just about helping those already in their careers – as the father of 3 young daughters, Eric also wants to see future generations succeed, so he has spearheaded several initiatives with local grade schools to introduce boys and girls to the wonders of technology. In his free time, Eric is a big supporter of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and actively participates in many of their annual fundraising activities.

Where does the Microsoft & Salesforce Integrations Course Fit within Your Technology Strategy?

On average, a company uses 254 SaaS applications. Enterprises use 364 applications on average (Source: Productiv).

It is necessary to integrate various applications utilized across a company in order to ensure productivity, efficiency, and data hygiene. 

Join our CEO, Eric, and our friend, Brightmark's CEO, Matthew, to learn about how integrations between the Microsoft suite of applications and Salesforce have helped numerous organizations enjoy the full benefits these applications can offer.

To learn more about each room of The House, have a look at our blog, The CEO’s Technology Strategy Framework.

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