Welcome to the Microsoft Viva Course 2022-2023!

ProServeIT Academy 2022-2023 will have two semesters. Semester 1 runs from July to December 2022. Semester 2 runs from January to May 2023.

The second semester of the Microsoft Viva course for 2022-2023 is comprised of 3 classes:

Class 01: Create a Purpose-Driven Culture with Viva Goals

Class 02: Put Knowledge to Work with Viva Topics

Class 03: Drive Employee Engagement with Viva Connections

These classes are designed for C-suite executives and HR leaders. These live classes will be delivered virtually on Wednesday and Thursdays from 2pm to 2:45pm. For the specific dates, please see below.

What You'll Learn in Semester 2

🔆 Class 01: Create a Purpose-Driven Culture with Viva Goals

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As hybrid work becomes more prevalent, employee expectations are changing. Employees want a sense of their purpose and impact at work – and businesses are at their best when teams have clarity and a shared understanding of company goals. The missing link between employee experience and business outcomes is a clear, consistent goal-setting process.

Microsoft Viva Goals, a new module for setting and managing goals, aligns teams with an organization's strategic priorities and unites them around their mission and purpose. 


  • Introduction to Viva Goals 
  • What are OKRs 
  • Viva Goals Overview 
  • Viva Goals Demo 


🧠 Class 02: Put Knowledge to Work with Viva Topics

Organizations can thrive only when people have what they need to be their best. As the pace of work intensifies, people need tools that help them focus on what matters most at work and in life. Microsoft Viva Topics organizes content and expertise across organizations, making it easy for people to find the information they seek and to put their knowledge to work. 


  • Viva Topics Overview 
  • Extending Viva Topics 
  • Demo 
  • Customer Stories 

When: Thursday, April 6th, 2023
Duration: 2:00PM - 2:45PM ET (45 minutes)
Course Delivered: Online 

🗣️ Class 03: Drive Employee Engagement with Viva Connections

Seize the opportunities around Microsoft Viva Connections to keep everyone in your workforce connected to each other. The ability to personalize Viva Connections and have it accessible in the apps and devices employees already use every day, like Microsoft Teams, makes it easy for people to contribute and access relevant news, conversations, and other resources. Your organization will gain a curated, company-branded experience designed to unite employees around your company’s vision. 


  • Viva Connections Overview 
  • Encourage Meaningful Connections 
  • Foster a Culture of Inclusion
  • Customer Stories

When: Thursday, May 4th, 2023
Duration: 2:00PM - 2:45PM ET (45 minutes)
Course Delivered: Online

Classes from Semester 1

The class recordings are available below!
📚 Class 01: Introduction to the Viva Suite (5 Modules)

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As hybrid work became more prevalent, not only did it diminish traditional emphasis on the in-office environment, but it also reshaped how companies operate. Technology and workplace tools are the new workplace. As such, they’re becoming central to attracting and retaining new talent, fostering workplace culture, enabling productivity, and more.  

Some of the Viva capabilities come with the Microsoft 365 suite that your organization may already be using. Let’s introduce you to the Viva suite so that you can envision how your people can utilize it today and in the future. 

Join this class to explore how Microsoft Viva and its 5 modules – Insights, Learning, Topics,  Connections, and Goals – can help HR leaders and managers improve their employees’ experience in the era of hybrid work in which we live. 

💡 Class 02: Support Your Employees' Growth with Viva Learning
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Does your organization have the right tools to allow your people to get the latest information and learnings, understand what your priorities are, and get feedback on how they are performing against those priorities?   

Do you have a systemic way for your people to improve their skills and grow in their careers?   

We understand HR leaders like you always look for better ways to help your employees learn, grow, and feel productive. This class is designed for you. 

Join us to discover how Microsoft Viva Learning and Insights can help your organization:  

  • Empower your employees to make learning a natural part of the day;  
  • Bring learning into the flow of work with tools and platforms they already use; 
  • Thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights, and recommendations on how to improve productivity and wellbeing. 
⚙️ Class 03: Change Management

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Is your organization planning a roll-out of a new technology, like Viva or Teams? We understand for HR leaders like you, what’s more important is adoption of the technology than the shiny technology itself. To bring about excitement which will lead to adoption which will then lead to the ROI your organization is looking for, you need a strong internal communications plan that keeps your employees not only updated on what they can expect, but also informs them on how the new technology will affect their day-to-day operations, and what they can do if they have concerns or issues. 

Join our instructor to learn how to successfully communicate your roll out, develop your plan, and implement it across your organization.

Joy Fajardo_ProServeIT


About the Instructor

Joy Fajardo

Brand Experience Manager, ProServeIT


Joy Fajardo lives to make an impact! A marketing native and social media influencer, Joy has an unshakable passion for helping organizations thrive with both inbound and outbound activities by using the right technologies! Joy began her career in Singapore, working as a marketing specialist whose responsibilities included educating, influencing, and affecting client decisions, while also helping to bridge the gap between technical data, branded content, and consumers. After moving to Canada in 2019, Joy joined ProServeIT's marketing team to support inbound and outbound sales and marketing initiatives. She'll draw from her vast experience to help you increase awareness for your cause and raise funds in the most resource-efficient way possible.

Outside of work, Joy is a crusader for proper nutrition for children, especially in the Philippines, where she's from. She also runs a successful YouTube channel in her native language that provides valuable immigration information for others considering Canada.

Where does the Microsoft Viva Course Fit within Your Technology Strategy?

We encourage CEOs and their C-suite executives to think of brand experience through two lenses: through a customer perspective and through an employee experience perspective. This course is all about the employee experience.

We want to ensure that we can democratize the employee experience regardless of their role. We also want to be able to digitize corporate culture, to make it more attractive for both current and prospective employees. 

Join Joy to explore Microsoft Viva and its five modules and envision how this suite of tools can help improve your employees' overall experience.

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