Microsoft Sentinel

Alarm Guardian

ProServeIT's Alarm Guardian is akin to installing an alarm system for your house - of course you could source all the materials needed to protect your home - cameras, sensors, locks, etc. - and install and monitor them yourself. But isn't it better to have the experts do all this for you? 

Using Microsoft Sentinel (formerly Azure Sentinel) as the monitoring station, ProServeIT's Alarm Guardian, in essence, acts as your alarm company. We'll not only install your new "alarm", but we'll do the proactive security monitoring and upgrades needed to keep your digital assets safe. From detection to action, ProServeIT's Alarm Guardian is the ultimate way to increase your security posture. 

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price$10,000 for deployment.

Monthly managed services starts at $3,000/month

For SMBs with less than 100 employees, please click the button below for details.

Physical Assets vs. Digital Assets

How valuable are your digital assets (all your customer information, financial data, etc.) compared to your physical assets? As valuable? More valuable? If yes, consider Alarm Guardian.