Welcome to the Technology Advisory Course 2022-2023!

ProServeIT Academy 2022-2023 has two semesters. Semester 1 runs from July to December 2022. Semester 2 runs from January to May 2023.

Semester one of the Technology Advisory course for 2022-2023 is comprised of 1 class:

Class 01: Fireside chat with Advica

This class is designed for C-Suite executives. Register for the course to receive the password to watch the recording.

Class from Semester 1

The class recording is available below!
💬 Class 01: Fireside chat with Advica (Industry: Healthcare)

Technology Advisory - Fireside chat with Advica has happened!
Register for the course to receive the password for the recording.


We’ve heard from many CEOs that it is very helpful to hear about how other CEOs are utilizing technology to advance their cause and grow their business. This is why we put this course together.

Join Eric, our CEO, and Advica as they chat about how Advica was able to leverage technology to improve their customer experience and achieve their growth objectives.

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About the Instructor

Eric Sugar

President, ProServeIT


Whether it's helping his employees remove roadblocks, educating customers on how various technologies can make their jobs and their lives better, or instructing leaders on the importance of corporate and personal cybersecurity, Eric Sugar, President of ProServeIT, always takes a people-centric approach to his role. With over 25 years in the IT industry, Eric's been with ProServeIT since its inception in 2002.

He loves seeing what technology can do for people, and how technology can have such a positive impact on organizations. But it's not just about helping those already in their careers – as the father of 3 young daughters, Eric also wants to see future generations succeed, so he has spearheaded several initiatives with local grade schools to introduce boys and girls to the wonders of technology. In his free time, Eric is a big supporter of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and actively participates in many of their annual fundraising activities.

Where does the Technology Advisory Course Fit within Your Technology Strategy?

This course is all about sharing how other organizations use our modern technology framework (a.k.a. The House) to make technology act as their business enabler. 

The House (see image) gives a CEO and their senior leadership team a bird’s-eye view of their current technology capabilities and investments and how they are related to different aspects of their business. 

To learn more about each room of The House, have a look at our blog, The CEO’s Technology Strategy Framework.

Join our CEO and our customers as they share their stories. We are confident their stories will inspire you. 

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