Welcome to the Data & Analytics Course 2022-2023!

ProServeIT Academy 2022-2023 will have two semesters. Semester 1 runs from July to December 2022. Semester 2 runs from January to May 2023.

The second semester of the Data & Analytics course for 2022-2023 is comprised of 2 classes:

Class 01: The Modern ELT Process 

Class 02: Spotlight on Azure Data Factory 

These classes are designed for leaders in IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Operations. These live classes will be delivered virtually on Tuesdays from 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm. For the specific dates, please see below.

What You'll Learn in Semester 2

⚙️ Class 01: The Modern ELT Process: Cloud Computing & Data Extraction

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Many organizations are still using the outdated data extraction process that was developed for on-premise computing environments or ETL (Extract-Transform-Load). In today’s cloud environment, the modern process is now ELT or Extract-Load-Transform. 

With the low storage costs of the cloud and virtually unlimited storage capacity without hardware costs, your data cleaning, data filtering, and other data transformation actions can now be done after your data is loaded into your data warehouse. We’ll highlight some organizations that have changed their processes as a result. 

Join us to explore how cloud computing has changed data extraction and data analytics. 

When: Tuesday, February 14th, 2023
Duration: 1:30PM - 2:15PM ET  (45 minutes)
Course Delivered: Online

🔦 Class 02: Spotlight on Azure Data Factory

The Azure Data Factory is the tool that enables modern data transformation in the cloud. It can be used to extract data from various sources, load it into your data warehouse and perform transformations like data cleaning and data filtering within your data warehouse. 

This class will include a live demo of using Azure Data Factory to build a data pipeline, move data in the cloud, and executing a procedure.  

Join us to understand how Azure Data Factory works with Power BI for powerful data and reporting that will support your strategic decisions. 

When: Tuesday, March 28th, 2023
Duration: 1:30PM - 2:15PM ET (45 minutes)
Course Delivered: Online

Classes from Semester 1

The class recordings are available below!
Class 01: Dimensional Modeling & the Star Schema

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This class will explore:

  • OLTP (transactional) vs OLAP (analytic) data systems
  • Brief history of data modelling
    • Started in the 90s (Kimball vs Inmon)
    • Somewhat abandoned due to the velocity and variety of big data in the data lake
    • #bringbackdatamodelling - data modelling is making a come back now that systems are able to handle ingestion and transformation of big data faster and with the data lakehouse architecture
  • Data modeling in the context of Data Warehousing (OLAP) systems
  • Kimball Dimensional Modeling
    • Benefits of Kimball Dimensional Modeling
  • 4-Step Dimensional Modeling Process
📊 Class 02: Data Warehousing Architecture Patterns

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This class will explore:

  • Functions of a Data Warehouse
    • Extraction
    • Cleaning
    • Transformation
      • Integration
      • Mapping
    • Loading
    • Refreshing
  • Brief history of data warehousing
    • 1990s - Data warehousing
    • 2010s – Advent of the data lake
      • Benefits of data lake
    • 2020s - Transition to data lakehouse (combines data warehousing and data lake)
      • Benefits of data lakehouse architecture
📈 Class 03: Power BI Reporting

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This class will explore:

  • Live demo of Power BI Reporting in Power BI Desktop
    • Ingest data to Power BI
    • Transform data in Power BI Query Editor
    • Visualize data
    • Natural Language Q&A
    • Built-In AI/ML Visuals
    • Custom Visuals

Scott Sugar, ProServeIT


About the Instructor

Scott Sugar

Practice Lead, Data & Analytics, ProServeIT


From the 1980's, when his father used to hand down old computer equipment, to now, Scott Sugar has always had a fascination with technology. The ability to communicate with people, regardless of distance or location, is, in Scott's opinion, one of the best things about tech. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and 17 years at ProServeIT, Scott's areas of expertise include data & analytics, and IT operations, monitoring, and alerting. Scott heads up ProServeIT's Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam office. He has spent the majority of his adult life in Asia, and speaks 3 languages.

Where does the Data & Analytics Course Fit within Your Technology Strategy?

The roof, potentially the most important element of the Framework, is insights and automation. This is what allows us to make actionable decisions from our own data.

Everything below the roof in this framework is an asset. The data that we capture in our core business applications, or the data that we capture from our employees or our customers will enable us to make better decisions. Like any asset, we need to be able to activate it.

Join Scott to learn ways to turn your own data into actionable insights.

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