Have cybersecurity be top of mind for everyone.

  • Sareema, CISO 
  • Industry: Manufacturing 
  • # of Employees: 2,000 

Sareema was hired two years ago after her organization was hit by a Ransomware attack. In the past two years, Sareema has made significant headway in boosting her organization's cybersecurity posture.

Follow along to learn some of the ways that Sareema accomplished these objectives.

CISO- Manufacturing

Kickstart your Cybersecurity Posture with End-User Inbox Protection.

Phishing scams and ransomware attacks are often sent via email, and an unsuspecting click is all it takes to spell disaster for an organization. This is why the first step to reducing your chance of becoming a victim of cybercrime is to protect your people's inboxes. 

Mailbox Guardian 

$5,000+ (depending on your organization's Secure Score) 

Designed for organizations who have a Microsoft 365 license and use Exchange Online, Mailbox Guardian scans your environment, then provides a Secure Score (to find out how secure your organization is compared to others like yours), a list of recommendations to follow, and implementation of IT security tools to protect your mailboxes going forward. 








Free eBook: Safe Computing Best Practices for End-Users

With inboxes being the first point of entry, providing end-users with safe computing best practices significantly reduces the risks of a potential cyber breach. This free eBook includes practical tips that can be applied immediately to protect your organization from harm.  

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Security Awareness Starts at the Top - Your Executives are the Biggest Target

Ensure your organization's C-level executives understand their cybersecurity risks and how their habits and behaviors can potentially make them a target.

Executive Cybersecurity Workshop 

Top executives of an organization are a major  target for cybercriminals, which makes it critical that your executive team is well informed of the risks, as well as best practices they can take to protect themselves. This condensed workshop, designed specifically for busy executives, is the first step to take to becoming more aware. Understand how your habits and behaviours can lead to potential disaster, and receive a checklist of things you can do to be more aware that can be applied to both your professional and personal life.

A Security Workshop a Day Keeps the Hackers Away

Microsoft has invested heavily on ensuring their customers' cybersecurity and has designed several workshops to help organizations get a good look into where their vulnerabilities may be. After securing your staff's inbox and educating everyone in your organization, especially your executive team, these workshops are the logical next steps to have an in-depth look into your current security status and create a solid game plan.


Microsoft Security Workshop

“The Security Workshop helped us understand our maturity levels on different sectors of cybersecurity.” Harri Kivimaa , Head of End User Services, VTT

  • Deep analysis from Threat Check of cyberattack threats found targeting your organization
  • Actionable recommendations to help immediately mitigate the identified threats
  • A detailed assessment of your IT and security priorities and initiatives
  • Demonstrations of integrated security, including the latest tools and methods
  • Long-term recommendations about your security strategy, with key initiatives and tactical next steps

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Microsoft Identity Workshop

“Identity and threat protection are high on customers’ minds. Getting identity right is a critical part of a Microsoft 365 project and is the first place we start." Forrester 2020 Microsoft 365 Enterprise Total Economic Impact Study

  • Understand your identity goals and objectives
  • Define your existing and desired identity security posture
  • Provide insights into applications used within your environment (sanctioned and unsanctioned by IT)
  • Showcase core IT and user security scenarios through demos
  • Develop an action plan based key results, recommendations and next steps

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Compliance Workshop: Data Risk Management

"80% of corporate data is “dark” – it’s not classified, protected or governed." IBM. Future of Cognitive Computing. November 2015

  • Data Risk Check report that includes findings and insights from the automated discovery process
  • A list of recommendations and actionable next steps that will help mitigate the identified compliance risks
  • Detailed assessment of your strategic objectives, influences, and priorities for compliance
  • Hands-on opportunity to experience what integrated compliance looks like, including the latest tools and methods
  • Set of long-term recommendations on your compliance strategy, with key initiatives and tactics

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Peace of Mind: All the Time

If Sareema's story above resonated with you, it's time to start thinking about how you can take your security to the next level. Get on the fast track to success with this checklist for C-level IT Security Leaders: 


Find out your secure score with Mailbox Guardian and implement the necessary steps to increase the inbox security. 


Download the Safe Computing Best Practices for End-Users eBook to distribute to your organization.  


Review your end-user cybersecurity training and awareness policies.


Book your Executive Cybersecurity Workshop for you and your executive team.  


Appraise your security posture with one or more of the workshops mentioned.