#Empower2023: The Future of Work

Half-day Annual Virtual Conference for Nonprofits & Charities

12PM EST, January 25th, 2023

Co-Hosted by Microsoft-Logo-White-1


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About #Empower2023

#Empower2023 is a full-day, annual virtual conference dedicated to nonprofits and registered charities, both small and large, to help them be empowered to scale their mission. With sessions dedicated to the Future of Work - Boundaryless, Experience-Rich, and Possibility - #Empower2023 aims to ensure that nonprofits and charities have the knowledge they need to achieve their goals and objectives. 


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To empower nonprofits and charities to thrive in the age of hybrid work where all stakeholders expect to interact and work with each other from anywhere without constraints, having the right set of technologies is not optional. It's a must.

Conference Sessions designed for IT:

12 PM Technology Advisory

12:30PM Microsoft Licenses for Nonprofits

1PM Microsoft Azure

1:30PM Security

2PM Data & Analytics

2:30PM Dynamics

Conference Sessions designed for Executive Directors and CEOs:

12PM Technology Advisory

12:30PM Boundaryless Communications for the era of hybrid work (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive)


When so many organizations compete for attention, experience is the currency. Quality is now a table stake and the experience you provide is and should be your differentiator. For nonprofits, the experience you want to curate is two-fold: 1) experience for your internal stakeholders (i.e., employees and volunteers) and external stakeholders (i.e., donors).

Conference session designed for Executive Directors and CEOs:

1PM Microsoft Viva

Conference session designed for Chief Development Officers and Fundraising Leaders:

2PM Efficient fundraising and volunteer management with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits




With ever fast-changing, fast-evolving technologies, we are quite close to being able to interact, communicate, collaborate, have fun together in the Metaverse. Being in the technology industry, we are closely watching, evaluating, and playing with the shiniest and newest technologies. Join our VP of Marketing’s fireside chat with our CTO and our sister company LineZero’s Principal of Digital Strategy as we chat about the newest and shiniest about the Metaverse and how nonprofits and charities can use it to advance their cause now and in the future.

Conference session designed for anyone who is interested in arising technologies:

2:30PM Fireside chat

Why should nonprofits and charities attend #Empower?

#Empower is our biggest annual give-back initiative for nonprofits and charities. As a brief history of #Empower, we came up with this virtual event idea three years ago, with the aim of helping people working in the charity sector. 

Since attending in-person conferences can be quite costly and not all organizations can afford to send many people, we thought of helping nonprofits and charities in our own, unique way.  This virtual event is completely complimentary, and our way of empowering nonprofits and charities to further their missions.

See the #Empower2023 speakers.

#Empower2022 had 2,608 registrants

from 2,128 different organizations.

The sessions were informative and beneficial in my roles within various nonprofits. I enjoyed the data combined with the concepts and tech tools presented. The keynote was thought-provoking and truly fit with the theme of reimagining how we operate nonprofits. I'm looking forward to next years conference!

The conference was well organized and delivered. I appreciated the workshop structure along with the actionable tips and tools received - all of which nonprofit need. I will definitely be in attendance again and again. Congratulations to the entire team who coordinated and delivered the conference, well done!

This was my first virtual conference. At first, I thought it was a crazy idea but after attending, it was fantastic with pertinent and relevant information. I will definitely attend more in the future. Thanks, well done!

Thank you for the variety of excellent sessions offered. It was an excellent learning opportunity for me and will benefit me in my role as a board member (ideas, issues to raise, tools available, etc).

This venue is truly appreciated and well done, from being nonprofit to the pandemic, THANK YOU!

Conference was easy to follow, topics were very good, and overall, a really nice experience. Information related to the conference that was sent to me prior to and the day of was helpful. Excellent job!

Conference was great, as a newbie in fundraising sector I learn a lot about role of technology in Fundraising. I learn about new tech innovation like accepting Crypto and NFTs as donation. It was truly empowering to know how technology can enhance and make many fundraising goals possible. Thank you for hosting.

I only got to attend a few workshops, but they were great! With a busy season of work, I am glad workshops will be available for viewing later. Thanks!

Conference was easy to follow, topics were very good, and overall, a really nice experience. Information related to the conference that was sent to me prior to and the day of was helpful. Excellent job!

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We invite you to the Future of Work!

The age of technology has transformed the way we live, and the workplace is no exception. The traditional 9-5 job is becoming a thing of the past, as more and more people are working remotely or flexibly. And as our world continues to change, the Future of Work will continue to evolve.The theme for #Empower2023, our annual virtual conference for nonprofits and charities, is the Future of Work. Our goal is to empower you to thrive in this ever-changing world of work so that you can scale your mission. 
  • Future of work is boundaryless. We are not going to be limited by physical spaces.
  • Future of work is experience-rich. We humans seek good experience in our lives and we deserve it.
  • Future of work is possibility. We have endless possibility in front of us with technological advancement.

Creating immersive experiences
for the Future of Work, together.

#Empower2023 Speakers


Jaime McMahon_ProServeIT

Jaime McMahon
Chief Technology Officer

Mihae Ahn_proserveit

Mihae Ahn
VP of Marketing

Peter Bagley
Advisory Services Executive

Richard Host
Advisory Services Executive

Joy Fajardo_ProServeIT

Joy Fajardo
Brand Experience Manager

Bill Kastner_ProServeIT

Bill Kastner
Solutions Architect

George Abou-Samra_ProServeIT

George Abou-Samra
Principal Consultant and Security Practice Lead

Irina Kon
Principal Consultant, Software Development

Scott Sugar, ProServeIT

 Scott Sugar

Practice Lead, Data & Analytics

Tony Caporaletti_ProServeIT

Tony Caporaletti
Solutions Architect

Greg Sugar

Principal of Digital Strategy