By Stephanie Baskerville on December 17, 2019

Have You Heard About #Empower2020? (our Virtual Conference for Nonprofits)


On January 15, 2020, ProServeIT hosted a virtual conference for nonprofit organizations, and we couldn’t be more excited as to how the day turned out! But, the best part is, all the sessions are now available on-demand - check them out here!

You know, some of the best things about attending a conference include learning about industry best practices, getting to talk to industry experts, understanding what’s new and exciting, and networking with likeminded individuals.  But attending a conference can also require a few things that nonprofits are short on; namely time, and budget.

With #Empower2020, we think we struck the perfect compromise; all of the benefits of a conference, but accessed from the comfort of your office chair, on the device of your choosing!

As mentioned, now you can watch our 20+ breakout sessions on-demand, at your convenience. 


What Is #Empower2020, Virtual Conference for Nonprofits?

Co-hosted by Microsoft and ProServeIT, #Empower2020 is a virtual conference meant for anyone who pours their heart and soul into the nonprofit or charity they work for.

Are you dedicated to scaling your nonprofit’s mission? Do you want to make the right technology investment decisions that will help you to advance your goals and your message? Register now to watch the on-demand sessions about the latest trends, technologies and best practices for the nonprofit sector, all in one convenient virtual place.


Why Attend this Virtual Conference for Nonprofits?


With #Empower2020, you're going to receive all the benefits of attending a regular conference (like a keynote speech, informative breakout sessions with likeminded individuals, the chance to see the latest in technology trends, discuss best practices, and more!) but without the cost and travel time associated with attending. From an inspiring keynote by Justin Spelhaug, Global Head of Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies, to 20+ breakout sessions that cover a range of topics, #Empower2020 was a great day!

And, we’ve got something for everyone who watches it on-demand! Whether you’re an IT professional, an Executive or Senior Leader, board member, someone working with fundraising or grants, or in communications and marketing, #Empower2020 has sessions tailored exactly to the pain points you’re dealing with and the solutions that will make your job easier and more productive. Check out a list of our on-demand sessions here!


How Much Does this Virtual Conference for Nonprofits Cost?

You’re probably reading this, thinking, “yes, this all sounds great, but how much is it going to set me back?”. Well, the value of this conference is $399, but ProServeIT decided to waive that fee and make it available to everyone! That’s right – your access to this informative and relevant virtual conference is completely complimentary for anyone working for a nonprofit or a registered charity.

Use the button below to check out all our on-demand content! Got questions? No problem - just email us!

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Published by Stephanie Baskerville December 17, 2019