By ProServeIT on April 10, 2024

ProServeIT Celebrates Second #EmpowerWomen Event for IWD

ProServeIT Celebrates Second #EmpowerWomen Event for IWD

ProServeIT Corporation, together with partners Advica Health, the YMCA of Greater Toronto, and MacKay CEO Forums, proudly orchestrated the second annual #EmpowerWomen gathering on March 28th, 2024, at Microsoft Canada's headquarters in Toronto. This event was designed to honor International Women's Day and to uplift women within the local community.

A Diverse Gathering for Change

The celebration saw participation from over 100 individuals, including high school students, who attended both physically and virtually. These attendees engaged in meaningful discussions and sessions, and showed their support by donating to Dress for Success Toronto, a nonprofit helping women prepare confidently for job interviews.

EmpowerWomen Clothing DonationsInspiring Change Through Dialogue

The event was highlighted by a keynote speech from Mihae Ahn, VP of Marketing at ProServeIT, focused on fostering inclusion and a sense of belonging within sectors typically dominated by men. Additionally, the program included panel discussions covering crucial issues like women's health, managing the often-overlooked responsibilities women carry, and enhancing networking opportunities.

Caroline Mikhail, Director of Advisory at LineZero, chaired a compelling panel titled “Tackling the Invisible Load.” This discussion explored the extra burdens women frequently shoulder, invisible in both personal and professional spheres, and provided actionable advice for addressing these challenges.

EmpowerWomen Email BannerA Look at Gender Representation Today

The event also featured revealing statistics about gender representation in leadership, noting that women hold 8% of CEO roles in the S&P 500 and just 5.4% globally. Additional data showed gender imbalances in digital and linguistic representations, further emphasizing the need for continued advocacy in gender equality.

“We are excited to have brought together a community dedicated to advancing gender equality and empowering women once again,” remarked Mihae Ahn. “The strong participation and support highlight the critical role such events play in promoting significant societal changes.”

For further details on the #EmpowerWomen event and how ProServeIT is championing diversity and inclusion, please visit our website here.

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Published by ProServeIT April 10, 2024