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How to Leverage Modern Technology to Drive Business Growth

Introducing our "Tales from the CTO" Monthly Newsletter!

Hello , 

As the Chief Technology Officer of ProServeIT, it's my pleasure to assist our customers in understanding how to manage the technology assets that belong to their business.

The March edition of Tales from the CTO discusses data, more specifically, how to create insights from your data and how to make your data actionable. When trying to determine what insights you want to achieve in your organization, it's important to think of the following:

  • Objectives: What is it that you're actually trying to achieve with the technology you have in your organization?
  • Metrics & Insights: In order to determine success, what metrics are you looking for? What insights are you trying to uncover?
  • Data Sources: Where is your data coming from? How is the accuracy of the data (in other words, who's inputting the data, and is it being inputted regularly)?
  • Audience: Who is going to be using these insights?

Check out the video below for more information on these questions, and learn how to get started. Also, feel free to drop me a line at if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback.


Jaime McMahon, Chief Technology Officer

ProServeIT Corporation

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IT virtual workshops and webinars

In this month's newsletter, we wanted to highlight some valuable and insightful workshops that are available. Check below for more details!


Full-day, hands-on Azure Workshop

#1. WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) Workshop, May 6th at 9am EST

This full-day hands-on workshop will provide you with both the knowledge and skills to accelerate designing and implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. You'll participate in guided labs to create Windows Virtual Desktop architecture, create Active Directory groups, and more.


#2. Free Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment - Find out What it Would Take to Move to Azure

Considering Azure for your organization? This funded* Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment is designed to provide mid-size organizations (250 - 999 users) with an end-to-end analysis and mapping of your entire IT estate, both physical and virtual. The assessment provides:

  • Insights on the business and technology benefits of moving additional workloads to the Cloud.
  • A Final Assessment Report, which summarizes what it would take to move to Azure.
  • Key recommendations for next steps with cost approximations on each deliverable. 

* Conditions may apply. Contact us for more details. 

Book Your Assessment


Microsoft Teams,  Cybersecurity & IT Roadmap Workshops

#1. Explore Phone System Capabilities & Advanced Communications Scenarios

ProServeIT's three-day Teams Calling Workshop is designed to guide you through the process of a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high-quality, integrated calling. Through ‘art of the possible’ demonstrations, use-case design, and deep-dive planning, you will obtain actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Calling with Phone system in your organization.

*Microsoft offers this workshop at no cost for eligible organizations. Contact us to explore your eligibility.

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#2. Boost Your Organization's Cybersecurity Posture & Sleep Easier at Night!

Is your organization’s Cloud environment as secure as you think it is? Given the volume and complexity of identities, data, applications, devices, and infrastructure, it's so essential to learn how secure your organization is. 

This three-day Microsoft Security Workshop, hosted by ProServeIT will help you learn how to manage a growing volume of data & alerts, while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. With this workshop, you'll get help achieving your broader security objectives, including identifying current and real threats. 

*Microsoft offers this workshop at no cost for eligible organizations. Contact us to explore your eligibility.

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#3. 30-Minute Live Workshop for C-Level & Executives

If you've been trying to help your C-Level & Executive teams understand the importance of technology so that they'll give you the funding and support you need to do your job more effectively and implement the tech you need, we've got a solution! 

Designed for C-Level & Executives in mind, ProServeIT's Technology Roadmap Workshop for Executives shows your leadership team the benefits of embracing new and emerging technology capabilities that enable business objectives & support growth. Pass these links on to your leadership team for more information & to sign up!


Software Development video series

Custom Software Development at Your Fingertips

ProServeIT recently launched our Unlocking Software Dev video series to help organizations understand the benefits of software development. Simply put, with software dev, you have a unique opportunity to make your organization stand out! 

The first episode covers the impact of custom developed solutions on your organization. Watch it below! 


what is six pillar marketing framework?


Data is the topic of the 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) newsletter this month. It's the roof of your 6PM Framework.

Here are 3 bullet points that summarize the newsletter. Intrigued? Scroll down to read more.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 10.42.58 AM

You hear how important data is in marketing. Why? Marketing, when done right, is what enables organizations to achieve exponential yet sustainable growth. For marketing to do that important job, it needs a budget and, to secure the necessary budget year after year, marketing needs to be able to show how efficiently and effectively it has achieved goals. This is why data is important.

Not sure where to begin? Start with the following 5 questions

5 Questions to Ask to Start Your Data Journey

#1What are your organization’s short term and long term goals?
#2 - What is marketing’s role in achieving those goals?
#3 - What marketing activities have you rolled out and plan to roll out?
#4 - What are some of the metrics you can and should measure to understand the effectiveness of those activities?
#5 - What data do you already have?

The tools you use (ex. Google analytics, CRM, email automation technology, marketing automation technology, etc.) should have some of the data you are looking for. Start making the connection between the data you need and the data you already have. That process will reveal the gap you need to close. Then, you can start thinking about what tool and process you need in place to close that gap.

💡Practical tip: not every piece of data you are looking for will come from technologies or tools you use.

Here is an example.

As your marketing team grows, the biggest item on your marketing P&L is overhead. Knowing where the team’s time is spent helps you calculate the true ROI of your marketing effort. Especially when your marketing team is involved in various activities. Especially when your marketing team also supports other functions within your organization. We know employees at small- to medium-sized organizations often wear multiple hats.

For example, our marketing team spends our time on many different activities. By tracking where we spend our time (MQL generation, SQL generation, branding, support, partner management, admin, etc.), we know whether we allocated our time properly on the top priorities, what were the time drains (if there were any), what processes can be automated to help the team spend their time on what actually produces value, and more.

I will share a bite-sized marketing tip every month on this 6PM Newsletter. Crowding your inbox is never my intention. If you don't wish to receive it, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

If you have any questions or topics you want covered in the future newsletters, drop me a line - I would very much appreciate it.


Mihae Ahn, MBA | Director of Marketing, ProServeIT | Connect with me on LinkedIn

Workshop: What is The 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework? Join me at the 1:10 workshop. 


Would you like to learn more about data and the rest of the 6PM Framework? Watch this 5-minute summary video, and, if you want to start building your own framework, join me at this upcoming workshop. Let’s build it together. 

The workshop is going to be a working session with 10 attendees maximum, and is designed for those who are ready to get their hands dirty and start building their own 6PM Framework that they can bring back to their business.

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