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From a cybersecurity perspective, how resilient is your business? Do you wish you were more resilient?


August's edition of Tales from the CTO is the first of a 2-part discussion that I want to have with you around cybersecurity. It's not a fun conversation, per se, but it's an important topic nonetheless. 

Attacks are becoming more and more frequent, and I think it's important to know not only how you can protect your business (which will be addressed in next month's newsletter), but, also, how you can recover from an attack, should the worst happen.

This cybersecurity resiliency is something that all businesses should be cognizant of. So, let me ask you - from a recovery perspective, how resilient do you think your business is? Do you feel confident that your business could recover from an incident in a relatively short period of time, or are there maybe some things about your business that could be problematic in getting back up and running?

The good news is, there are decisions you can make to help your business become more resilient and respond quicker and better in the event of a disaster. Things like: 

- Invest in the Cloud and in Cloud-based technology.

- Invest in more mature anti-virus or malware protection or endpoint system protection. 

- Switch to more modern productivity and storage tools, like SharePoint or Teams, or OneDrive that are being backed up to the Cloud. 


In the video below, I go further into detail about the points I've listed above. Check it out, then feel free to drop me a line at if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, or if you want to start a conversation around making your organization better prepared & more resilient when it comes to cybersecurity. 


Jaime McMahon, CTO, ProServeIT Corporation |  Connect with me on LinkedIn


IT virtual workshops and webinars


In this month's newsletter, we wanted to highlight some of our upcoming in-a-day workshops and webinars - great resources for IT professionals, like you! See below for more information, and sign up for the ones that catch your eye.


#1 Azure Virtual Workshop: Cloud Adoption Framework

Prepare your Cloud environments using Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure! In this in-a-day virtual workshop, ProServeIT's Azure experts will help you to get an overview of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), with a focus on helping you prepare your Cloud environments using Azure Landing Zones. This serves as a foundation for your identity, security, networking, operations, and governance needs. We'll cover governance principles and operational best practices, as described in the Cloud Adoption Framework, and we'll also explore, through hands-on labs, these concepts in greater detail. Save my Spot

When: September 21st, 2021 @ 9am ET

Duration: 8 hours   

Recommended Audience: IT Professionals & IT Decision-Makers


#2 Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration

Bringing server infrastructures to the Cloud is an important part of modernizing your organization. The Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration helps you familiarize yourself with landing zones, why they’re important, and how to design and implement them for your own migrations. In an afternoon hands-on learning lab, you’ll learn how to leverage Azure Migrate to transition applications to the Cloud. Save my spot

When: September 28th, 2021 @ 9am ET

Duration: 8 hours   

Recommended Audience: IT Professionals & IT Decision-Makers



Cybersecurity Framework 6-Part Webinar Series

Identity, applications, data, inboxes, and endpoints all play an important role in your organization's overall cybersecurity posture (or, as we like to call it, your Cybersecurity Framework). In our six-part webinar series, we're going to walk through each of these key components of your Cybersecurity Framework, helping you get a better overall picture of how your organization stacks up, and determining what you can do to improve your security posture.

Our first webinar on How to Protect Your Identity talked about how to combat the threat actors that are constantly attempting to obtain not just your corporate identity, but the personal identity of your employees, too. Watch the recording here

Our second webinar will dive into the features & functionality of Microsoft Cloud App Security; a tool that can help you eliminate your concerns over unauthorized access to corporate data, provide insights into possible data leakage points and other security risks, and help you to set, monitor, and revise policies within your organization.

Webinar #2: How to Protect Your Applications

When: Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 @ 2pm ET. 

Target Audience: IT Decision-Makers


what is six pillar marketing framework

Hello ,

Did you know that cognitive bias and heuristics have quite a lot to do with marketing? When we understand how the human brain functions and how big of an impact mental shortcuts have in our decision-making process, our marketing effort can be way more successful.

While our brain represents only 2% of our body weight, it consumes 20% of our body's energy. It wants to conserve energy as much as possible; hence, it implements various mental shortcuts also known as heuristics. These heuristics do have the potential to lead to cognitive biases. 

Here are four of the more common cognitive biases and how you can use them to your advantage when making decisions on your marketing investment:

Availability Bias

An availability bias is one of our mental shortcuts that involves our tendency to rely on information that is most readily available.

Here is an example. When you are thinking about hiring a cleaning company, the company that comes to your mind first is the cleaning company that your neighbours have been using. You have seen their name and logo on the cleaners' cars parked in your neighbourhood multiple times and the last time you saw it was just yesterday.

What does the availability bias mean for marketing?

Make your website available and easily discoverable by investing in content marketing and SEO.

Share your content via email newsletters.

Anchoring Bias

Have you experienced how much you remembered and favoured the very first website you saw when you were researching something? That is what the anchoring bias is: the tendency to be overly influenced by the first piece of information you come across.

Considering the effect of anchoring on humans' decision-making, it makes sense to invest in content marketing and SEO so that your website is the first website your target audience visits and your business is the first company they talk to.

Image source:

Anchoring bias


Confirmation Bias

Here is a scenario. You are a consulting company. Your target audience is key business decision-makers such as CEOs and presidents. Given the nature of the service you offer, the sales cycle is long. Your target audience does all the necessary due diligence before choosing a company to work with. Your investment in content marketing, SEO, and branding has worked out in your favour. This CEO, your dream customer, has been evaluating multiple consulting companies and prefers your organization over your competitors. She can't pinpoint exactly why she is drawn to you more than the others. In this scenario, she will start subconsciously searching for and "inventing" reasons to confirm her preference. This is a confirmation bias in action.

Content marketing plays a role here again. You want to create content not only for the education stage, but also the evaluation stage of your target audience's buying journey. When the CEO is actively searching for reasons to confirm her preference, make her search easier by providing her hot-off-the-press case study in her specific industry, for example.

Image source:

Confirmation bias

Representativeness Bias

The representativeness bias means we rely on existing prototypes in our mind when making decisions.

Here is an example. You just moved to a new neighbourhood and are looking for a new massage and spa place. You are drawn to a place that is similar to the one you loved in your previous neighbourhood. If you liked the old spa place because of how soothing and relaxing it was, you would look for and be attracted to a place that portraits the same vibe.

What does the representativeness bias mean in marketing? One word: Branding. 

Upcoming 6PM Workshops

📅 Debunk Marketing Budget Myths

“How much should I spend on marketing?” This is a common question that CEOs and marketers ask. And the subsequent question that follows is how to create a budget. If you are asking these questions, join the workshop to learn about steps to take to create the budget that you are comfortable with. The workshop will also cover effective ways to spend the budget that brings both short-term and long-term return on investment.

When: 11:30am - noon EST on August 26th, 2021

Save my spot >>

📅 Say No to Overspend on MarTech & Shiny Object Syndrome

MarTech is $122 billion industry and it is growing by 22% year over year. Investing in marketing technology is becoming more and more necessary if you were to enhance your customers' experience with your brand, lower your customer acquisition cost, and gain efficiency with your demand generation effort. The question is how to know which marketing technologies are the right fit for your organization.

Join the workshop to understand the roles marketing technologies play in achieving your business objectives and how the 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework for MarTech can help you identify the right MarTech investment for your organization.

When: 11:30am - noon EST on September 23rd, 2021

Save my spot >>

As always, thanks for taking a peek at the 6PM Newsletter. I hope the content I share on this monthly newsletter is helpful. If you have any questions or topics you want covered in future newsletters, please drop me a line. I would very much appreciate it. 


Mihae Ahn, MBA | Director of Marketing, ProServeIT | Connect with me on LinkedIn

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