Everything you need to know
about Microsoft Teams!

Want a shared workspace where you can chat,
make calls, meet, share files, and work with business apps? Microsoft Teams is that shared workspace. 

Our 6-day email course includes everything you
need to know about Microsoft Teams!


6-Day Free Email Course

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It takes a village to turn ideas into realities. Teams is one convenient place for the village.


How does it work? 

If you sign up for the 6-day email course, for the next 6 days, you will receive one
email per day that is filled with
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understand what you can achieve with Teams and
what pain points it will help you solve.


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Email #1

Collaboration is super
easy with Teams

Email #2

Easily communicate
with your team

Email #3

Make calls in Teams

Email #4

Arranging meetings
becomes easy!

Email #5

Share documents and
files in Teams

Email #6

Mobile friendliness - use Teams
with any device


We'll help you utilize
Microsoft Teams better.


Learn how to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Teams in this step-by-step email course with instructional videos! 


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