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Welcome! We are excited that you are taking the first step to creating a rock solid technology strategy that will really enable your organization's growth.

The premium package includes:

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*Workshops are purchased separately from ProServeIT Academy packages.

What is a Technology Roadmap Lite in ~35 seconds?

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What's included in the Premium Package?

 Your Total Savings: $7,000

Technology Roadmap Lite, Designed for CEOs

Meet with our virtual CTO to start creating your technology strategy and roadmap that is aligned with your business strategy and objectives.

Value of $2,500 

Every executive understands the importance and necessity of technology in achieving business objectives.

A simple, easy to understand bird's eye view of your technology requirements is a game changer in achieving growth and sustainability for your business while avoiding redundancy and overspend.

What are the outcomes of the Technology Roadmap Lite?

• A bird-eye view of your technology requirements to achieve your business objectives
• Your very own Technology Strategy Framework (i.e. The House - watch the 35-second video above)
• A list of Must-do’s, Should-do’s, and Could-do’s
• Roadmap to accomplish the list of items and close the gap

Who is this consultation engagement for?

This engagement is designed for CEOs and their leadership team and IT stakeholders. Many organizations we have served greatly benefited from the exercise we go through with them during the engagement because it helps the business and IT stakeholders discover the gap between business objectives and their technology capabilities and create a solid plan to close the gap. 

Have an ambitious business growth goal for your organization? Let's work together to ensure that your technology landscape enables and empowers you to achieve that goal.

Access to All Online Classes and Recordings

Have access to all  online classes and recordings. You can attend any and all of them live and/or have access to the recordings.

You need to register ONCE using the form above and we will register you for all 9 courses. This does not mean that you need to attend and watch all classes. Attend only those that interest you.

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Secure Score Assessment

Find out your secure score and learn how secure your environment is compared to the global average!

Value of $1,500

Our Cybersecurity Team will review your environment and provide you with an assessment report that includes your secure score and a list of recommendations. 

20% Discount on One of the Following Workshops

*Data Discovery Workshop

Data has been said to be an organizations’ greatest asset.
How are you leveraging your data today to support your mission?

Value of $10,000

If you choose this workshop, you pay $8,000 instead of $10,000.

During this 5-day workshop, our team of data experts will review up to two data sources, define your data needs and future data estate, and review two reports. Based on the information gathered, an assessment report and data & analytics roadmap will be generated for your review.

Why do our customers love this workshop?

  • Understand your current state with your data practice and build a roadmap to mature your data & analytics practice.
  • Utilize your own data to make data-driven decisions which increases efficiency and productivity.

Modern Workplace Workshop

Enhance your business communication, collaboration, and connectivity!

Value of $7,500

If you choose this workshop, you pay $6,000 instead of $7,500.

Looking to adopt Microsoft Teams and/or SharePoint and want to understand how these tools integrate and help increase collaboration and productivity? 

The Modern Workplace Workshop is the perfect next step! It includes:

  • Demo of Teams and SharePoint which will help you understand how the collaboration tools work and fit your organizational culture and business needs.
  • Suggestions on which tools to utilize to fit your business requirements
  • High level roadmap and costing for the implementation and/or migration.

Brand Experience/Marketing Workshop

A marketing and brand experience workshop with our vCMO may be exactly what you need!

Value of $5,000

If you choose this workshop, you pay $4,000 instead of $5,000.

Marketing Assessment with a virtual Chief Marketing Officer

  • Start building a modern marketing framework (see image) which will serve as a foundation for your marketing plan and roadmap
  • The Marketing Assessment will also help you understand the benefits of working with a virtual/fractional CMO. ​

*Workshops are purchased separately from ProServeIT Academy packages.

60-Minute consultation session

You will have 60 minutes with any one of the ProServeIT Academy instructors! Choose any instructor to ask questions and brainstorm ideas and thoughts for 60 minutes.

You are totally in the driver's seat during your 1 hour session with the instructor!

$50 worth of swag!

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