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"As business leaders, what are we doing to accommodate our Return to Office plans?

Hello , 

July's edition of Tales from the CTO addresses a topic that I think is pretty relevant, and that is the conversation around return to office. The pandemic has provided business leaders with many insights with one important theme: the way that things were done in the past may not really allow us as businesses to reach our true potential. 

A number of customers have reached out to us to ask questions around return to office plans, such as "what are other people doing?", and "what considerations are they taking into account?" and, most important, "What technology are other organizations investing in to help support either a return to office, or a hybrid office scenario?" 

The reality is, our employees have spent months developing new work from home patterns, and with the return to office discussion taking place, we have an opportunity to meet our employees and our customers where they are now and use the new patterns and habits they've developed to reach our potential, become more effective, and even more efficient in the way we do things. 

Check out the video below for what I think are the four key considerations to keep in mind when the return to office conversation comes up in your organization, and feel free to drop me a line at CTO@proserveit.com if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback.


Jaime McMahon, CTO, ProServeIT Corporation |  Connect with me on LinkedIn


IT virtual workshops and webinars


ProServeIT's upcoming Cybersecurity Framework webinar series will explore best practices on six key pillars of what we call the Cybersecurity Framework: protecting your identity, apps, data, inboxes, endpoints, & overall security posture.

Threat actors are constantly attempting to obtain not just your corporate identity, but the personal identity of your employees, too. So, how do you combat this? Join ProServeIT for this first webinar of our Cybersecurity Framework series, where we'll discuss best practices around the first key pillar of our Cybersecurity Framework - protecting your Identity.

When: Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 @ 2pm ET

Recommended Audience: IT Decision-Makers


what is six pillar marketing framework

Hello ,

Hope your summer is going well! This July edition of 6PM Newsletter is all about the website: why a website is a must and 3 tips to have a rock solid website. I've also enclosed information about my upcoming 6PM Workshop (Debunk Marketing Budget Myths).
As always, thanks for taking a peek at the 6PM Newsletter. I hope the content I share on this monthly newsletter is helpful. If you have any questions or topics you want covered in future newsletters, please drop me a line. I would very much appreciate it. 

Have a lovely summer!


Mihae Ahn, MBA | Director of Marketing, ProServeIT | Connect with me on LinkedIn


🚀 Why is a well-designed and well-managed website a must for all organizations?



We humans make decisions based on perception. According to research, our subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of the decisions we make. This means how your website makes your target audience “feel” is important. Your nonprofit may work towards a really important cause. Your business may have an awesome product and amazing people in your team who deliver stellar results. But if your website doesn’t make your target audience feel confident, relevant, assured, and comfortable, you have a slim chance to convert them to a customer. Your target audience does a Google search, visits your website, and judges whether or not you’d be a good fit for them long before you have a chance to speak with them.



You start building relationships with your target audience from the first moment they interact with your organization. For most cases these days, it is your website that creates that first impression. Your website is the best digital space where you can effectively communicate who you are as an organization (not only what you do but why you do what you do - i.e. your purpose), who you serve, what cause you support, etc.

Your website is the best avenue for you to build an audience, turn them into customers, and eventually (and hopefully) fans. It won't happen overnight, but slowly and surely, it will happen when you devote resources to your website management. Think for a moment about your own purchasing behaviour. Who do you tend to buy from? Probably the companies who leave you good impressions and actively try to build relationships with you by providing helpful information and making every interaction you have with them memorable.


🖥️ 3 Tips to Have a Rock Solid Website


1. Utilize an easy-to-use website management tool

Whether you are a 50-person organization or a 1,000-person organization, an easy-to-use tool for your website management is invaluable. Being able to manage your website (i.e. adding new webpages, revising dated content, etc.) without a web developer's assistant is critical if you want to be agile. Given how critical a website is, being able to do these on your own is empowering.

This doesn’t mean that everything to do with your website should be DIY. When you want to build a house, you want to hire a team of experts who have all the required skills and experience. For installing a small, wall-mounted shelf or painting an accent wall, you might prefer DIY instead. It's the same for your website. Hire a team of experts to build your website, and then use an easy-to-use tool for DIY routine website management.


2. Allocate your resources on content marketing

Your website becomes your biggest digital asset only when it hosts useful content. Content marketing means that you create and publish the content that your target audience is looking for. Consumer behaviour continues to evolve and now more than ever before, people expect a great digital experience. That starts with the very early stage of their buying journey, the education stage. People want to educate themselves and make decisions themselves. Content marketing is a way to become that source of education for your target audience.

Before start creating content though, it is strongly recommended to establish a content marketing plan. Jumping right on it without a plan leads to lots of wasted resources and opportunities. Working on your 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework helps you build your content marketing plan that is aligned with your business objectives and marketing objectives.

Wondering what the 6PM Framework is? Take a look at the image at the bottom of this email. And watch a recording of the 6PM Framework Introductory Workshop


3. Search engine optimize your website and each webpage

No matter how beautifully your website is designed and how useful your content is to your target audience, if your website is not search engine optimized, it has a limited opportunity to be found. SEO (search engine optimization) is not where you want to take a penny-pinching approach with your marketing budget. Not taking SEO seriously is a rookie mistake you want to avoid. To get it done efficiently (highest return for a limited budget), consider hiring an SEO specialist. Depending on your objectives and the size of your budget, you may decide to hire a full-time SEO specialist or outsource this function to an agency. When it comes to home renovation, DIY is definitely an option but you choose to hire a team of professionals to get it done right the first time. It often turns out to be more cost-efficient and time-efficient with better results. It's the same for SEO.


📣 Workshop: Debunk Marketing Budget Myths

“How much should I spend on marketing?” This is a common question that CEOs and marketers ask. And the subsequent question that follows is how to create a budget. If you are asking these questions, join the workshop to learn about steps to take to create the budget that you are comfortable with. The workshop will also cover effective ways to spend the budget that brings both short-term and long-term return on investment.

When: 11:30am - noon EST on August 26th, 2021

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