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All You Need to Know: Managed IT Services Provider | 24/7/365 Support

Computers, laptops, and servers are essential to the proper operation of businesses, as any business owner is aware. However, when things go wrong, it can significantly affect your business. 

In this blog you will find:

Why is 24x7x365 support needed for your organization?

What are the benefits of having 24x7x365 technology support?

How a Non-Profit organization managed their IT environment

3 key benefits they achieved from outsourcing their IT services

When is it appropriate to outsource to an MS provider?

Whatever issues your business may encounter, an efficient IT support company like ProServeIT can help your business to deliver on its promises. The business impacts could be as minor as computers operating slowly, a single computer crash, or as serious and damaging as a virus corrupting your entire IT system. 

Unfortunately, computer issues can arise not just during business hours but also on weekends and after hours. A managed IT services provider's 24x7x365 IT assistance can help you prepare for the unforeseeable. 

This is the fourth of a 5-part managed services blog series on how outsourcing IT functions can increase the value per dollar spent on your business. In this blog, we'll look at how you can benefit from the 24x7x365 assistance you can get when you outsource your information technology and how a Non-Profit organization adopted this technique to match its technology to its business goals. 

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Why is 24x7x365 support needed for your organization? 

Many businesses are adopting more flexible workweek schedules, whether it's because of the increase in multigenerational employees, a greater focus on remote employees, or the creation of new satellite offices throughout the world. This indicates that they rely on technology 24x7x365 rather than just from 9am to 5pm. 

Whether your employees are working past 6pm, or starting their day at 7am, the important reality is that their technology needs to be supported if something happens. In addition, the more you digitize your organization’s operations, the more critical your need for IT support on a 24x7x365 basis. 

Managed Services makes sense for this reason. It might not be possible to offer your staff the essential end-user help when they need it most, depending on the size and location of your IT team. The most affordable (and frequently the only practical) method to guarantee that your IT environment is proactively managed and always monitored, and that your personnel is supported and taken care of when they need it, is to hire an Managed Service Provider that gives 24x7x365 support. 

By having your Managed Service Provider constantly and proactively monitoring and managing your organization’s systems, networks, and environments, you can make sure ensure that your IT enables your business, not hinders it. 

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What are the benefits of having 24x7x365 technology support? 

One of the benefits of having a managed service provider like ProserveIT is you will get round-the-clock access to a team of expert IT "techies" who can help you resolve your issue promptly and with the least amount of stress.  

Hiring external 24x7x365 IT assistance has several other advantages besides boosting your confidence in your IT systems and easing your technical concerns. These include: 

  1. Lower IT staffing costs while still being able to call on engineers and “techies” who are fully qualified and have a high level of expertise 
  2. Allowing you to focus on the running, and growing, of your business, without getting distracted by IT issues 
  3. Improved customer service through effective use of  your IT systems, and having IT issues resolved quickly 
  4. Extended availability of your IT support team while maintaining control of your environment 
  5. Growth of your business due to scaleable IT platforms and expert advice and guidance from your  provider  

Learn more or get an estimate to see how we can help you make your IT operations more efficient. 

How a Non-Profit organization managed their IT environment 

A global Non-Profit organization with over 1,000 employees provides play-based learning for children in developing countries. They were heavily reliant on their global network of staff and volunteers to achieve their mission of helping millions of children each year. It was imperative for the organization that their staff and volunteers had round-the-clock access to the technology and tools to do their jobs, with instant support to get back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of an outage.  

The non-profit organization hired an Managed Service Provider with a global presence to provide continuous, 24-hour support for any technical issues, concerns, or questions that their staff or volunteers had. Staff and volunteers can now easily get in touch with a technical resource, no matter where they’re located or what time of day it is. 

In addition to accessing this continuous support, the organization has also been able to increase their data security and optimize their technology spending when implementing new technology through this new partnership with their Managed IT Services Provider. 

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3 key benefits they achieved from outsourcing their IT services   

Managed IT Services enables you to ensure that your company has the appropriate technology, infrastructure, and the right degree of support at a cost that is affordable. 

🔓Instant continuous support for any technical issues 
🔑 Easy access to technical resources 
📈Increased data security and optimized technology 

Along with outsourcing its IT operations, the organization is also receiving ongoing, regularly scheduled strategic consultations that help it to align its business objectives with the appropriate technology initiatives. 

When is it appropriate to outsource to an IT Managed Service provider?   

Managed IT Service Providers are experts at knowing what's fresh and exciting in the market, as well as when new technology will be released. Outsourcing the management and maintenance of your technologies and IT-related requirements (all or a portion of them) is known as utilizing Managed IT Services. Most businesses have operational IT and strategic IT to manage. They can outsource either one or both these activities.    

⚙️ Operational IT includes support activities such as password resets, email support, software and hardware support, remote desktop support, root cause analysis coordination, and report generation.   

📍 Strategic IT, on the other hand, includes resources such as a proactive security strategy to help mitigate threats, licensing support and guidance, and cost optimization support to guarantee that you are only paying for what you need and getting the maximum ROI (return on investment).   

If your company requires support in any of these areas, consider outsourcing your IT. Having a team of IT experts deliver high-quality managed IT services can free up your management's time while also improving your technology to keep you up to date and on top of the ever-changing technological landscape. 

Learn more or get an estimate to see how we can help you make your IT operations more efficient. 

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