By ProServeIT on May 19, 2022

Mining Company Success Story: Outsourcing IT Frees up Management Time

Technology is rapidly shifting gears, and organizations across the globe are constantly adapting their return to office plans. With all these changes happening, it is important that organizations maintain their technological operational excellence, while simultaneously keeping costs down and managing the growth of remote workers. 

Every business owner understands that time and value are their most precious resources, and the complexities of running operational IT and strategic IT can be daunting. By outsourcing some of the tasks that fall under the responsibility of your IT team, you can free up management’s time and enable them and other in-house departments to improve their efficiency and productivity.  

This is the first of a 5-part managed services blog series on how outsourcing IT functions can increase the value per dollar spent on your business. In this blog, we’ll look at when it makes sense to outsource IT and how a mining company used this strategy to expand their IT support function.  

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When Is It Appropriate to Outsource Your Company's IT Management? 

Outsourcing the management and maintenance of your technologies and IT-related requirements (all or a portion of them) is known as Managed IT Services. Most businesses have operational IT and strategic IT to manage. They can outsource either one or both.  

⚙️ Operational IT includes support activities, such as: password resets, email support, software and hardware support, remote desktop support, root cause analysis coordination and report generation. 

📍 Strategic IT, on the other hand, includes resources such as: a proactive security strategy to help mitigate threats, licensing support and guidance, and cost optimization support to guarantee that you are only paying for what you need and getting the maximum ROI (return on investment). 

Consider outsourcing your IT if your business requires assistance in any of these areas. Having a team of IT experts who provide high-quality managed IT services can free up your management’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives that work toward your organization’s growth, security, and overall success.


How a Mining Company Grew Their Enterprise IT Support Function 

Recently, a Canadian-based mining company was looking to mature and level up their enterprise IT support function to free up their internal staff’s time to focus on more high-value priorities. Their objectives included obtaining ongoing access to technical expertise for strategic planning and projects, improving work-life balance for their IT staff, and ensuring predictable monthly and annual costs. 

The company decided to invest in a managed services provider to assist them in achieving these objectives. ProServeIT recognized early on that we were a good fit for them, and we would be able to help them attain their objectives. We suggested that they invest in some Microsoft solutions to assist them in achieving their goals. Specifically, we recommended the Cloud technologies available with Microsoft Azure and SharePoint online

5 Key Benefits Achieved from Outsourcing IT Services

By leveraging the available Cloud technologies, the mining company was able to achieve the following benefits: 

1. Improved data security and integrity 🛡️ 
2. Speedy resolution of IT support issues 💻 
3. Increased productivity throughout their organization 📈 
4. Improved overall staff productivity 🤝
5. Third-party monitoring and management of their server infrastructure has been implemented successfully 🔑

After outsourcing their IT operations their management team experienced significantly less stress due to a reduced IT burden. The company increased overall efficiency by lowering operating costs and is also reporting an improvement in supportability.

ebook for ceosIs Outsourcing IT the Right Option for Your Business? 

Having a team of IT specialists look after your IT requirements is like having a “CEO’s Best Friend” to help your business stay productive and ahead of today’s rapidly evolving technology. Managed IT Services allows you to ensure that your business has the right technology, infrastructure, and level of support at a budget that works for you.   

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Achieve cost efficiency 💰 

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Published by ProServeIT May 19, 2022