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5 Ways Outsourcing IT Helps Increase ROI on your IT Spend

Outsourcing IT = Maximizing Value per Dollar Spent

Technology is quickly shifting gears, and organizations are moving full speed towards adopting to the “new normal”. With all these changes happening, it’s more important than ever to maintain your organization’s operational excellence, while simultaneously keeping costs down and managing the influx of remote workers.

Efficient management of IT is one of the key ways to achieve these objectives, and outsourcing part or all of your IT functions can be one of the fastest routes to effectively managing your IT environment.

That’s what this eBook is all about – how outsourcing IT functions increases the value per dollar spent on your business.

We’re talking about Managed IT Services.









Outsourcing IT means, when done right, hiring a wide range of expertise and experience in the most cost-efficient way possible. 

The Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT

priceBetter control your organization’s costs.
optimizationTake advantage of 24/7/365 support.
Artboard 8_16Proactively manage cybersecurity.
WVDStay up to date with the ever-evolving technology landscape.
stats-1Free up management’s time to focus on growing your business.

Benefit #1

Better control your organization’s costs

A salary for a Technical Support Specialist alone can range between $30,000 and $70,000 CAD, depending on their level of expertise and where you’re located. Now think about having to hire two or more to make sure that you have enough in-house expertise, knowledge, and bandwidth… those costs add up!

Partnering with a MS Provider offers you the IT support and assistance you need, at a fraction of the cost of having to replicate those same services in-house – no salaries, no benefits, just one flat monthly or annual fee. This fixed billing fee is a shift from capital expenditures with volatility and risk, to an accurately calculated operational expense.

Your quality of IT operations will also likely improve. Most MS Providers offer proactive management and monitoring of your network and IT environment 24/7, which is often not feasible with in-house IT teams. This leads to a better cost saving by reducing unexpected costs. Talk about efficient cost management for your organization.












Customer Story

organization Transportation     
user 500 employees   
priceFlat monthly or annual fee


A transportation company with 500+ employees was looking for ways to better understand and assess the current technology that they had deployed and opportunities to optimize that technology on an ongoing, monthly support basis to ensure that they were getting the most from their investment.

By adopting the cost-effective, consistent, and measurable support model of a MS Provider, the transportation company is now able to utilize their internal IT staff to focus on bigger picture, more strategic activities relating to the company’s overall goals and objectives. Being able to leave their server and Citrix support to a third-party vendor and fully utilize their internal IT team has enabled the organization to better control their costs and take full advantage of the valuable IT resources they have at their disposal.

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