Skype to Teams On-Demand Webinar

Download Skype to Teams eGuide!

All the helpful tips you need when you switch from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams (Teams) are in one place! Download this eGuide for you to keep. It includes the features and benefits of Teams, Office 365 licenses that include Teams, and frequently asked questions and answers about switch from Skype to Teams. 

What's Next?

Skype to Teams – Assess & Design (6 Days)

– Deploy Network Assessment Tool & Execute
– Collect Results & Summarize Findings/Report
– Gather Current Call Quality Statistic
– Collect Results & Summarize Findings/Report
– Complete Skype to Teams Questionnaire
– Classify Pilot Users & Define Success Metrics
– Determine Office 365 Dependency Status (OneDrive/SharePoint/Exchange Online)
– Compose Skype to Teams Design & Migration Plan

Engagement Outcomes

1) You’ll ensure that your Microsoft Teams design will match your current IT state, including dependencies and whether there are missing Office 365 elements.
2) No wasted effort, because you’ve taken the time to understand your current state.
3) This phased approach has a major focus on your user experience, ensuring maximum adoption rates and higher ROI.