Alarm Guardian has further strengthened the safety measures at Musashi Auto Parts.

Musashi Auto Parts takes their safety precautions to the next level by reinforcing data privacy within their automotive domain. They achieved this through the strategic implementation of ProServeIT's managed SOC service, Alarm Guardian. By leveraging Alarm Guardian, Musashi Auto Parts enhanced their environment visibility, detects threats proactively, and elevated their overall security stance.

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Problems Solved

Insufficient Cybersecurity Strategy
Proactive Threat Detection & Response
Lack of MFA & Endpoint Protection


 Implementation of Alarm Guardian (ProServeIT's managed SOC service)


Customer Challenge: Enhancing Automotive Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Musashi Auto Parts is an automobile parts manufacturing organization that supplies products such as powertrains, linkage products, and suspension systems to the automotive industry.

Musashi had witnessed targeted cybersecurity attacks in their industry. Fully aware of the significance of cybersecurity awareness in the automotive industry, Musashi decided to build a robust cybersecurity strategy. They aimed to achieve comprehensive visibility into their environment's activity, employ an enterprise security tool, and proactively hunt and respond to threats using AI-driven endpoint protection.

Their current systems had no multi-factor authentication (MFA) in place, they used out-of-the-box email settings and traditional antivirus solutions.

The Solution: ProServeIT's Security Assessment & Alarm Guardian Implementation 

Addressing this, Musashi recognized the need for a business partner to assess their security posture, including vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to identify gaps between their security needs and the capabilities of their current IT infrastructure and applications. Their choice was to engage ProServeIT.

ProServeIT assisted Musashi in constructing their Microsoft Sentinel instance, managed by ProServeIT’s Security Operations Center (SOC) which together makes up ProServeIT’s Alarm Guardian solution.

Identity protection features were enforced, requiring employees to confirm their identities prior to successful logins and mitigating account compromise risks. A set of standardized enhanced email protection rules were put in place to reduce the number of attacks. As well, AI-driven endpoint protection was implemented, modernizing their defense mechanisms.



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The Impact: Strengthened Cybersecurity Posture and Proactive Threat Detection

A zero-trust security framework followed and was implemented requiring all users to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated before being granted access to applications and data. Enhanced email protection features added an extra layer of protection from malicious links and attachments as well. All devices are now fully managed, meaning that there is more control on what, where, how, and when corporate applications and data are accessed.

ProServeIT successfully deployed Alarm Guardian which has led to increased environment visibility, proactive threat detection, and an improved security posture. ProServeIT continues to focus on security initiatives which is a priority for Musashi. ProServeIT is working on their customized security roadmap and have recently brought to the customer’s attention Microsoft’s Defender for IOT (Internet of Things).

Project Highlights


Increased Environment Visibility


Proactive Threat Detection


Improved Security Posture 

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