The ALDO Group migrated 1,000 employees from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 within 1 year.

The ALDO Group, a prime player in fashion retail, decided to move from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, a leading cloud solution worldwide. Backed by ProServeIT's expert migration and IT support, this digital shift significantly increased cost savings and boosted global collaboration for 1,000 employees.

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Problems Solved

Remote work collaboration
Mobile friendliness
Ease of communication

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Google Workspace to
Microsoft 365 Migration

Project Highlights


2K accounts migrated


450 corporate stores impacted


1K employees impacted


   Quebec, Canada


Customer Overview

The ALDO Group is one of the world’s leading fashion retailers that specializes in quality fashion footwear and accessories across a network of over 1,500 stores worldwide. The Aldo Group a global leader in fashion retail, had specific goals: remote work and mobile friendliness, ease of collaboration and communication, cost efficiency, and removing redundancy.   

Customer Challenge: Streamlining Collaboration and Reducing Costs

After reviewing their current software landscape, the new VP of Technology discovered that the ALDO Group was not getting benefits from their workplace productivity application (Google Workspace). Using multiple competing platforms for online meetings, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom, Cisco, and Amazon Chime, caused confusion for all their employees. This led to friction, poor collaboration, and unneeded complexities for their current workforce. 

Half of their employees were using both Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, while the other half only used Microsoft Office 365. This created internal friction for document sharing, collaboration, and communication, especially when sharing documents externally. The cost perspective was also a factor, as the company was paying for both cloud solutions, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace licenses at the same time, while leveraging only 30%-40% of each product's capabilities. 

Aldo’s goals were to simplify their environment, improve internal and external collaboration, and reduce costs. Their main challenge was finding the right organization to help with their software migration project in a short timeframe.   

The ALDO Group reached out to Microsoft for help with its migration plan. Microsoft readily recommended ProServeIT to help with this project and helped set up an introductory meeting between the two companies. 



The Solution: ProServeIT's Migration and Support

The Aldo Group needed assistance with migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 solutions and this had to be done within a short timeframe.  ProServeIT assisted the ALDO Group with a hands-on approach from the initial migration to post-migration technical support.  

Aldo’s Modern Workplace project was originally planned for a span of three years. Aldo chose Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace due to Microsoft technology's established presence (mainly Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint) across most employees. Excel and Word were also preferred over Sheets and Docs, and many suppliers were already using Microsoft tools.



“When you have a company that is behind you and is rooting for your company to succeed, it makes it easier. Everybody at ProServeIT has demonstrated professionalism, passion, and good customer focus. From the beginning, ProServeIT was able to adapt very quickly to our environment, provided guidance and technical expertise where things were missing in the organization.”

VP of Technology, The ALDO Group


Aldo reached out to Microsoft because their current partner was no longer interested in participating in the digital transformation journey with them. ProServeIT was recommended by Microsoft given its reputation for its Google to Microsoft migration capability (not only within the retail sector but across industries) and was chosen by the Aldo Group due to its proven success with previous customers, its experience in the retail sector, and its ability to rapidly onboard and adapt to needs. With its proven and programmatic approach to the migration, ProServeIT was able to reduce their three-year modern workplace digital transformation timeframe to completion within one year. 

Aldo thought their environment was ready for migration, but it was not quite ready yet. ProServeIT shared our in-house expertise for architecture and design, which filled the gaps where they lacked resources.  ProServeIT was able to provide guidance, offer cost-effective options to mitigate technical and budget constraints, set a plan in action, and complete project delivery. 

ProServeIT assisted Aldo with a hands-on approach from the initial migration to post-migration support. This involved the migration of over 2,000 accounts from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365, impacting over 1,000 employees and 450 corporate stores 




Impact & What's Next: Enhanced Collaboration and Cost Reduction

The migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365 did not disrupt the ALDO Group’s daily business operations. Today, Aldo has one unified system that speaks the same language across devices, locations, and teams. It is now easier for them to work together, communicate, get on a call, and video chat. With Microsoft Teams, the Aldo Group can work from anywhere from any device which is something they could not do before. There is less friction, especially with their external partners as they can now actively collaborate and share documents using Microsoft SharePoint. 

The relationship between Aldo and ProServeIT highlights how Microsoft technologies can help retailers looking to adapt to evolving business needs and how a Microsoft partner can make a true difference in driving success in a customers’ digital transformation journey. The relationship between Aldo and ProServeIT continues, and we are currently helping them with additional adoption and change management services. 

The shift from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365 allowed the ALDO Group to achieve the following:

approval iconHelped reduce costs by switching from multiple workplace productivity applications.

approval iconEvery business unit and every channel at the ALDO Group is using the same system (Microsoft Office 365).

approval iconIncreased collaboration, communication, and standardization between different work groups.

approval iconBetter preparation for a world of hybrid-remote work.

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