Cloud Security Solution, Alarm Guardian, fortifies HealthPRO’s hybrid environment.

By strategically implementing ProServeIT's Alarm Guardian, HealthPRO Canada improves its security and mobile device management. Alarm Guardian, a cloud security solution, enhanced cybersecurity in the healthcare industry by strengthening HealthPRO's hybrid environment and ensuring increased productivity, data protection, and overall security.

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Problems Solved

Cybersecurity Vulnearabilities
Outdated Security Tools
User Cybersecurity Awareness


 Implementation of Alarm Guardian (ProServeIT's managed SOC service)


Customer Challenge: Securing Hybrid Environment & Enhancing Data Protection  

HealthPRO Canada is a group contracting provider for healthcare organizations. Their members count on HealthPRO to reduce the cost of the high-quality products and services they use, enhance patient safety, help maintain supply of critical products, and foster new ideas and innovations.  

HealthPRO recently embarked on a journey to replace an ageing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with a modern, Cloud-based and integrated solution.  

However, their organization didn't know how to fortify their hybrid environment against cyber threats. They lacked in-house cybersecurity expertise and relied on outdated security tools that could not protect their organization from modern threats. They worried that security would cause inconvenience and inefficiency among their non-tech savvy users. Additionally, they were also concerned about the operations of their clients. HealthPRO wanted to safely modernize their digital estate and migrate 12 servers from a Telus data center to the cloud with minimal disruption to crucial supply chain activities. 

The Solution: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Implementation & Staff Training

To address these challenges, ProServeIT performed a comprehensive security assessment to find and address gaps and risks, while also prioritizing HealthPRO’s top priorities. By conducting in-depth analyses and interviews, ProServeIT developed a Microsoft 365 Security Roadmap with a phased approach. This roadmap detailed three phases, with project costs, ROI estimates, and a clear timeline. 

The security roadmap identified actions to fortify HealthPro’s identity, email, data, devices, and applications. ProServeIT assisted HealthPRO to enable multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies, protect Internet of Things devices, deploy a full range of Microsoft products and establish a managed security operations center with ProServeIT's Alarm Guardian solution built on Microsoft Sentinel.   

HealthPRO upgraded their old traditional antivirus solution to an endpoint detection and response solution with Microsoft Defender for Endpoints. In addition, their corporate devices are managed by Microsoft Intune as an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution. 

Regular security training was provided to enhance user awareness about modern threats while ensuring the productivity, efficiency, and convenience for staff were preserved during the implementation of new security measures. 



The Impact: Bolstered Security Posture, Risk Reduction & Ensured Patient Data Safety  

By partnering with ProServeIT and implementing these security measures and Alarm Guardian, HealthPRO was able to improve the security of their environment, reduce the risk of cyber threats, and ensure the safety of patient data. The use of Microsoft 365 Security and Azure Security solutions empowered HealthPRO by streamlining their processes, this allowed them to focus on advancing their healthcare and procurement areas.

The ongoing project aims to further enhance security through simulated phishing campaigns and end user education to increase awareness, ensure constant vigilance against suspicious emails, and facilitate timely reporting of suspicious activities.  

Their new secure foundation allows them to embark on the next phase of their digital transformation, the implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline and modernize their financial operations. 

Project Highlights


Increased Environment Visibility



Proactive Threat Detection and Prevention


Improved Security Posture 

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